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Talent is an ability born with a Never Fairy, described as a calling in life, that they are drawn to and do best.[1] There are as many different talents as there are jobs to be done,[2] and can be to watch over nature, bring seasons to Mainland, give support to other fairies, etc.


Announcing / Discovering

In Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg (2005), it expound that most fairies already know their talent and announces it, along their name, at the Arrival Day's ceremony, however, some fairies need help and can take days to discover their talent.

In The Realm of the Never Fairies (2006), it told that after a new talent is announced a painting is made with an image that symbolizes it, being placed at the Corridor of Talents.


Finding the talent as seen in the first movie.

In Tinker Bell, it showed that objects and elements react to the fairy's talent, helping the fairy discovering their talent at the arrival day's ceremony. The objects and elements used were: flower, water, wind, hammer, leaf, light, egg, muffin, snowflake and paint-brush.

In The World of Fairies (2009), it specifies that when fairies first arrive they already have their talent.


Performing their talents are fairies greatest joy[2] and has major impact in their activities and tastes. Fairies of a same talent work, play, eat together, and their talent also influences what they eat, dress, where they live and how is decorated.[2]

In all medias, however, it was shown that talents do not limit and define fairies. Sharing a talent gives similar traits, yet they remain "different from one another" and although their fellow talent members are "usually, but not always, their best friends,"[1] fairies of all talents can get along and befriend each other.


After discovering their talent, fairies can find themselves belonging to a more specific area of it, such as Iris discovering she is more to noting about plants than raising them, or Zarina from a Dust-keeper to a Pixie-dust-alchemist.

Although with the use of Pixie Dust and objects fairies can perform tasks of different talents, only being exposed to colored Pixie Dust, via Pixie Dust Alchemy-Talent, can change (or revert back) a fairy talent completely, also inflicting on the fairy's personality.


Category: Talents

While many talents are related to each other they were not entitled as "sub-talents." For encyclopedic purposes, all talents will fall at least in one of the following subjects:

  • Fauna, Flora, Element;
  • Arts, Crafts, Kitchen, Service (if the talent does not fit any other from this section).

(Always add a citation in description when adding new talents below.)

Name Description Relation
Animal (also: Winter Animal) Can speak in animals' native tongue, track, perceive animals' thoughts, emotions and detect physical changes such as wounds.[3] Fauna
Art Create works of art, like sketches, portraits, statues, etc.[2] Arts
Baking Experts in bakery.[2] Gelata (or Dulcie in the books) are the heads of this talent guild. Kitchen
Basket-weaving Work especially on picnic baskets, with pockets and compartments, as seen in Tinker Bell's Tea Party. Crafts
Bath-drawing Get water from Havendish Stream, bucket by bucket for fairies bath.[2] Service
Butterfly-herding Few posses this talent, being the only ones with enough patience to work with the herd of butterflies, over fifty in number, taking them to pasture in a meadow beside Havendish Stream,[2] waking up very early in the day.[4] Fauna
Carpentering Work with wood building objects with it and their hammers are bigger than that of Tinker fairies', as mentioned in The Trouble with Tink. Crafts
Caterpillar-shearing Shear woolly caterpillars[2] when the coat is thick and fluffy, often seen in the meadow.[4] Fauna
Celebration-setup Skilled in preparing for parties they set-up every big event in Pixie Hollow, however, when no celebrations need set up, they set up for meals in the tearoom instead.[5] Service
Chair Make chairs assuring they are comfortable, except for the Library's chairs, as mentioned in Four Clues for Rani. Crafts
Clapping (also: Mainland-visiting) "Blink" to the Mainland and encourage human children to believe in order to save fairies from dying of disbelief.[6] Service
Cleaning Specialized in cleaning.[7] Service
Cooking (also: Kitchen) Prepare the food in Pixie Hollow and hardly ever cook a bad-tasting meal.[2] Kitchen
Cricket-whistling Conduct a chorus of crickets often accompanying music-talent fairies.[2] Fauna
Crown-repairing Fix the queen's crown if it should be damaged.[5] Crafts
Dancing[8] Assist Music-Talent fairies in their performances by dancing according to the song played. Arts
Dandelion-fluff-sorting Specializes in dandelions, and sorts them into apropriate categories. Flora
Decoration (also: decorating[8]) Works primarily decorating the several rooms inside the Home Tree. They also decorate fairy bedrooms associating them to its owner's specific talent and personality. Service
Diary-writing[8] Write diaries. Arts
Dishwashing Wash dirty dishes in the kitchen. Kitchen
Doorknob Crafts doorknobs for the rooms of the Home Tree. Craft
Dust (also: Dust-keeper) - Measure, nurture, package, redistribute and set apart daily rations of Pixie Dust to fairies. They also feed the Pixie Dust Tree with powerful Blue Pixie Dust so it will never wither away and regular golden dust won't stop flowing down. Fairy Gary is the head of this talent guild.[9] Works primarily at the Pixie Dust Mill. It is also said that Peter Pan and the Lost Boys also beneficiate from special rations that dust-keepers fairies give. They assist the birth of others by sprinkling Pixie Dust all over the broken piece of laughter so a new fairy or sparrowman can be given their real physical form and be born. Service
Dusting They dust up things around the Home Tree. Service
Dyeing Responsible to turn any sort of minor fruits into ink for others to use, i.e. Garden Fairies needs it to paint flowers, Art Fairies in their own work and Animal Fairies to paint a butterfly's pair of wings. Arts
Egg-collecting Animal Fairies who collect eggs and brings them straight to the kitchen. Kitchen
Entryway-polishing Service
Entryway-scrubbing Service
Far-listening Service
Far-seeing Service
Fast-flying Can fly faster than any other creature in Neverland. Bends the element of air, and create windgusts to blow down leaves, collect pollen and create cool breezes in hot weather. Tends to be born with large and broader wings than others. Even in the Mainland they are among the fastest fliers and no ordinary bird can race them, which gaves an advantage when escaping dangerous hawks much faster than others. It is unknown where fast-fliers practice their abilities. Element
Fern-spotting Flora
Fire (also: Fire-creating[8]) Can ignite, summon and create fire for theatrical or defensive purposes only. Element
Flower Paint flowers that needs to using dyes made of fruit ink. Flora
Forest Flora
Four-leaf-clover-creating[8] Flora
Frost Freezes down vegetation, including grass, flowers, trees and herbs. Tends to practice their abilities in Frosted Forest. Element
Fruit (also: Fruit-stomping) Plants and harvest fruits of all types. Sometimes uses magic to make it grow in question of seconds. They are Garden fairies. Flora
Garden Nurturing their colorful fields is what they do, be it in Pixie Hollow or on the Mainland. Garden-Talents can make bloom any vegetation, which results in their growth in a matter of seconds; can also talk to plants and sense what they need, be it for care or health. Help the grass grow faster, and instruct flower buds to sprout. Their magic also works underwater, which can be used to grow a forest of seaweed and brings kelp up. Tends to practice their abilities in Buttercup Canyon. Flora
Glacier Freezes with solid ice every body of water, be it ponds, lakes or rivers. Very good at ice-skating. They cannot freeze saltwater as it is against the rules of Nature. Tend to practice their abilities in frozen streams straight all over Winter Woods. Element
Glass-blowing Crafts
Grass-weaving Tinker-talents who are the best at making baskets over Pixie Hollow. Crafts
Harvest Garden-Talents who are responsible to harvest any sort of fruit, mushroom and flowers for others. Flora
Healing Service
Helper Queen Clarion's personal assistants (aside from the Seasonal ministers). Service
Hole-in-cheese-punching Kitchen
Ice Works primarily in Winter Woods and closely associated with winterly themes. Element
Key-hole-design Crafts
Knot-tying Crafts
Knowing-when-a-plate-is-done Kitchen
Lace-making Crafts
Larder Kitchen
Laundry[8] Specialized in washing every type of garment in the Home Tree, be it from female fairies or associated males sparrowmen. Service
Leaf (also: Leaf-curling) Responsible to never let Autumn Forest die by painting its leaves with the richest shade of red and colors associated with fall. Works primarily in the western portion of Pixie Hollow that it's perpetually in autumn. Flora
Light Captures sunlight [10]or moonlight[11] and redistribute where it is needed, such as lighting up fireflies, giving lanterns its glow or ensuring Pixie Hollow doesn't get swallowed by darkness at sunset. Can bend the light that comes from the sun, moon, or even car headlights on the Mainland. Can also move sun and/or moonbeams into whatever position desired and summon colorful rainbows out of nowhere, storing them up inside Rainbow Tubes. Tends to practice their abilities in Sunflower Meadow. Element
Message (also: Mail-delivery[8]) Send messages and proclamations from Queen Clarion to her subjects. Service
Masonry Service
Measuring Service
Mining Mine the underground caves of Neverland for gemstones and metals. Have the ability to manipulate the element of earth, in order to aid in their mining. Tends to be born with short and smaller wings than others. Element
Music Play music. Works at Fairy Tale Theater.[8] Arts
Nursing Deals with scrapes, cuts, and broken bones. Service
Olive-pressing Flora
Organization Service
Otter-swimming Fauna
Painting Arts
Pea-shelling Arts
Pebble Service
Pixie-Dust-Alchemy Infuse regular, golden Pixie Dust with ingredients found in nature with sparks of Blue Pixie Dust to create a variety of different colors associated with talents and its characteristic magical abillities otherwise not found. Allows a fairy or sparrowman to fully change their talent or revert back to the original as they please. First discovered by dust-keeper fairy Zarina. Service
Planning Service
Polishing (also: Floor-polishing, Stone-polishing) They are specialized in cleaning the floor of the Home Tree. Service
Pots-and-pans Tinker Fairies who crafts pots-and-pans. Service
Pretzel-twisting Kitchen
Problem-solving Service
Rainbow-creating[8] Light-Talents who create rainbows. Element
Rare-item-finding[8] Service
Rice-Growing Garden-Talents who use their magic to grow rice with just a flick of Pixie Dust. Flora
Salt-sifting Kitchen
Sand-Sorting Service
Scent-creating Creates perfume.[8] Service
Scouting (also: Protecting[8]) The protecters of Pixie Hollow from any sort of external threats, such as wasps and hawks. They are fast, agile and trained in combat to protect others from harm. The only ones who can defy a hawk with some chance of survival. Nyx is the head of this talent guild.[12] Service
Scrap-collecting[8] Service
Scrap-metal-recovery Service
Scrap-metal-sorting Service
Scribe Works in the Library. Records accurately all fairy knowledge that comes from Dewey, the keeper. Arts
Sculpting Arts
Serving Kitchen
Sewing Crafts
Shoe-making They handcraft shoes from materials found in nature. Crafts
Shoe-shining Polish shoes. Service
Singing Arts
Snowflake Create, shape and design snowflakes in different kinds of patterns. Works primarily in an unknown meadow of Winter Woods. Element
Spiderweb-untangling Animal-Talents who untangles spiderwebs and helps create intricate patterns so they can be decorated by finest dewdrops, courtesy of Water Fairies. Fauna
Star-counting Light Fairies who count stars in the night sky. They're also expert navigators and knowledgeable about constellations. Immune to the harmful effects of sunlight it causes in eyesight.[13] Element
Storm Can summon thunder, and blasts of lightning. Fearful thunderstorms are best made by them. Element
Storytelling Tell tales at Fairy Tale Theater. Can use Pixie Dust to illustrate their stories. Arts
Stove-to-plate-transfer Kitchen
Summoning Service
Table-setting They prepare the tables in the Tea Room.[14] Kitchen
Tea-Making The finest teas in Pixie Hollow are all made by Tea-Making-Talent fairies, who specializes in different flavors and a variety kinds of brews that are served up in the Tearoom. Kitchen
Tinker (also: Pots-and-pans[1]) Invent, fix and solve all kinds of messes related to handcrafted work. Collect Lost Things and uses it in their inventions to help others change seasons much faster. Fairy Mary is the head of this talent guild.[10] Works primarily in Tinkers' Nook. Crafts
Tree-picking Possess a keen sense of smell, which helps them know exactly when a fruit or nut is ripe and ready to be picked. They are Garden Fairies. Flora
Tree-tending Flora
Treebark-grading Flora
Wake-up Service
Water Can make ripples over streams, collect dewdrops and assist dragonflies. Manage water to others, can bend it, boil and freeze as they please. In the Pixie Hollow Games, they make sure everyone is well hydrated before the race begins. Even Water-Talents cannot swim without drowning or fly in rainy weather. Tends to practice their abilities in Babbling Brook. Element
Weather Use kites on breezy days to ascertain information about the weather and tells others information about it. Element
Weaving Crafts
Wind-reading[8] Fast-fliers who are able to understand the wind currents. Element
Wind-sensing[8] Fast-fliers who are able to sense the wind currents. Element
Window-washing Washes windows. Service
Wing-Washing Washes carefully with soap and water other fairies and associated sparrow men's wings, so they will be neat and tidy for longer. Service
Winter Works primarily in the Winter Woods and specializes in all things related to ice and snow, which includes frosting up vegetation without a layer of ice or freezing down lakes and ponds of freshwater. Element
Wood-Carving Tinker-Talents who carves wood for a variety of purposes, such as furniture and other stuff. Crafts



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