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The most common snack featured in Pixie Hollow are sweets.

In Pixie Hollow Online, sweets are treats baked by players themselves or purchased at Harmony's Sweet Shop. Once they are consumed, a certain amount of Pixie Dust is restored. This amount varies depending on the sweet.

Baking in Dulcie's Kitchen[]

In Pixie Hollow Online, players are able to bake their own sweets with the Baking-Talent fairy, Dulcie, inside Dulcie's Kitchen.

Baking Sweets in Pixie Hollow

Tinker Bell & some pixies baking in Dulcie's Kitchen

The types of sweets available to bake are:

There are many variations of these sweets available to bake & snack on.

Some specialty sweet types included s'mores, pumpkin cake, scones, seasonal Silly Sweets, and some unique cookie shapes. These unique sweets were exclusive for certain events.

Purchasing from Harmony's Sweet Shop[]

Most of these items, such as the cookies, cupcakes, etc. were also available for sale at Harmony's Sweet Shop. However, this would typically cost you some Pixie Diamonds.

Sweets on Display

Sweets on display in Harmony's Sweet Shop

A handful of exclusives were available for purchase here, such as the Wing-Changing Silly Sweets.

Harmony's advertisement
Sparkly Wing Silly Sweet

One of the Wing-Changing Silly Sweets, which caused players' wings to sparkle.