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Sunflower Meadow

Sunflower Meadow (former known as Sunflower Gully in Pixie Hollow Online)[1] is located at the western portion of Summer Glade and just next to Babbling Brook. The meadow is also watered by it and is found right just next it. Fireflies usually sleep on the golden flowers' stalks waiting sunset to awake and be feed with pieces of sunshine.[2] They are well cared for by Iridessa and fellow Light-talents to be sent off to the Mainland[3] or sometimes trained to work as lanterns and torches too[4], in order to evade darkness in all meadows of Pixie Hollow (with exception of the Winter Woods).

Sunflower Meadow is primarily populated by these glowbugs and Light-talent fairies and sparrowmen who dwells on it. Their duties includes catching dots of sunlight or creating rainbows in the sky.[5] Dessa herself states that a sunset's glow produces the most powerful light of all[3] when Tinker Bell herself was training to become a light fairy in order to change her inborn Tinker-talent, so she could visit the Mainland with nature-talent fairies. In the frachise's latest movie, Nyx investigates Sunflower Meadow in search for Gruff (or the NeverBeast).

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This is where Iridessa tried to turn Tinker Bell into a light-talent by teaching her how to feed fireflies with sunlight pieces, but was unsuccessful.[3]

In the fourth sequel, Silvermist, Iridessa and Rosetta were seen cultivating new sunflowers at Sunflower Meadow; they used their special talents while doing so. Ro quickly made the sunflower to sprout and grow in matter of seconds, while Sil watered it with gentle drops in a soaked cotton ball. Lastly, Dessa used hers to distribute light all over the plant to make it able to make photosynthesis.

Unfortunately, the meadow of golden sunflowers were accidentally destroyed by Gruff in the fifth sequel by his giant rocks.[6] Two Garden-talent fairies were nearly smashed when the rocks crashed.