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Sundown Countdown is a Mini-game, currently available in Disney LOL - Tinker Bell Games.


Characters: Iridessa;

Locations: Summer Glade;


Click with the mouse cursor on the fairies and drag it to its respective flower, being three colors yellow, blue and pink. If the time runs out the game is over.


In Summer Glade, the sun was about to set. All fairies were heading home to rest for the following day great ceremony (did not told which), except for the Light-talent fairies that, wishing to see the sunset and play with balls of light, forgot that night and the time to sleep was coming soon. Light-talent fairies make their homes inside flowers and for such it was needed help to get them home so they could be rested for the celebration.


  • In the fairies counter, the shadow belongs to Fira.
  • In level 2 a bug could happen, missing one flower.
  • The game story had a controversy, first it said the ceremony was in the following day, then it said it was three days from the game start.
  • The start page had peach and light orange flowers, not included in the gameplay.