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Summer Glade is Pixie Hollow's portion where the sun shines its brightest. It's a hotspot for Fairies who want to relax and play, whether in the golden Sunflower Meadow, where Iridessa lives, or the grassy Needlepoint Meadow. The Minister of Summer lives[1] and rules Summer Glade with supreme authority, and only Queen Clarion is the highest order (even than her friend minister herself), there.

This place is the ideal spot in the entire hollow to craft and design rainbows due to the clear sky and intense sunlight, either for decorative purposes or to be stored up inside Rainbow Tubes by Light Fairies, courtesy of Clank and Bobble, a pair of tinker sparrowmen. In Sunflower Meadow, it is where fireflies are fed with dots of light by Iridessa and her colleagues.

Flying over Summer Glade

Summer Glade from Tinker Bell (2008 film)

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