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Summer is the hottest season, and the time when harsh sunlight dominates the world. It is typical to be able to swim or do summer activities during this time. It lasts from June to August.

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Summer season


Summer is the season where the most direct sunlight comes to the planet. It begins on June 21, during the Summer Solstice, and ends on September 23, when the Autumnal Equinox begins, as does autumn. During this time, the harsh sunlight may cause droughts and summer clothes such as shorts are worn.

Like every other season, summer has a Minister who keeps an eye on the preparations and leads the changing of the seasons.

Summer Months[]

  • June
  • July
  • August

In the franchise[]

Summer is a light fairy's busiest season.

Usually, Fast-flying fairies such as Vidia make cool breezes, while Animal fairies bath animals (such as bluebirds, possums and other fauna). By other hand, Garden fairies such as Rosetta paint flowers or blossoms in need of an extra fruity ink and animal fairies such as Fawn also takes on its responsability for painting a butterflies' wings as seen in the third sequel. Rainbows (stored in Rainbow Tubes) can also be seen up in the sky during day, courtesy of Light fairies such as Iridessa, whereas their twinkling fireflies roam the fields at nighttime. Summer Glade is perpetually in summer season.