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Tinkerbell adveture strawberry cake

Strawberry cake is a pastry made of strawberries. Both fairies and humans enjoy this desert. This is Terence's favorite food. [Reference Needed.]


In Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell's Adventure, part 8, after Vidia complains about Delis food, Rosetta decides to help him gathering materials for the Strawberry Dream cake. He finish the cake and gives it to her, that compliments him. In part 12, Icy thanked Rosetta for bringing to her a Strawberry Cake. Rosetta answers her that Delis should be the one thanked as he was the one that baked it.

Fairies Recipe

Strawberry Dream Cake: 10 red seeds, 3 strawberries, 1 honey, 1 red rose;[1]


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