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Strad is a music-talent fairy who is different from the other fairies of her talent guild. Instead of playing an instrument, she's much more interested in creating and repairing musical instruments. Because of her ability to create different instruments, other fairies have called her the "instrument master" but she doesn't like the attention. She is mostly found in her workshop, creating new instruments.

She keeps a large amount of panpipes in her workshop, just in case she some day has the chance to fix them.

Like most fairies, her name is taken from something associated with her talent. She is named for the Stradivari family, and their line of "Stradivarius" violins, which are very respected in the music world.

In the books[]

Strad makes her only appearance in Trill Changes Her Tune, when Trill breaks her panpipes. Trill is expected to play in the Oceanside Symphony, but Strad won't be able to repair the panpipes in time. This is what inspires Trill to find new ways of creating music.