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Tinker Bell - CG Model by Ed Shurla - Thistles

CG Model by Ed Shurla

A Sprinting Thistle is a type of plant that has the ability to to move and run. They are covered in sharp, spiny leaves and can be a nuisance to fairies, especially in large numbers.

Physical Appearance[]

Sprinting Thistles are buds/shoots of sharp, spiny leaves in gradient color of green to yellow. It has four thin green roots that work as legs to run. In Tinker Bell (film), their movement are similar to the seeds bulbs.


Never fairies - sprinting thistles

In The Realm of Never Faries 2006, in a page of Iris's journal it says the thistles are:

"One of the healthiest, heartiest plants in Never Land, this thistle can extract itself from the ground and run about on its roots. This is a great advantage for the thistle, which can take itself to water or sunlight. It can also outrun predators. No fairy has ever succeeded in domesticating a sprinting thistle."


In Tinker Bell (film) (2008), right at the beginning of the movie they scare Clank, Bobble, Tinker Bell and Cheese running past them. Later on, Vidia suggested that Tinker Bell try to corral the sprinting thistles in order to be accepted as a garden fairy, knowing that it would backfire horribly. Vidia opens the corral and the sprinting thistles starts running all around, destroying all preparations for the season change.

In Cheese's Great Adventure (Pixie Hollow's play) (2010), before the Sprinting Thistles "trampled" with the Tinkers' Nook, they were chased away by a bird, by Cheese request.

Animal derby tutorial 5

from Animal Derby tutorial

In Animal Derby mini-game (2011), Sprinting Thistles could be summoned with power-ups by players as an obstacle against competitors.