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Spring Valley is the home of the season of renewal. It's bursting with colour and new life and has Springtime Square at it's centre. It's filled with plants being raised by the watchful eye of garden Fairies like Rosetta.

The Minister of Spring lives[1] and rules with supreme authority over Spring Valley, but the power he have all over it is unmatched to Queen Clarion, who were the highest order in the hollow, and by extension, the eastern portion who is perpetually in Spring Season.


Spring Valley1

In Tinker Bell's Adventure PC Game

This realm of Pixie Hollow is the ideal place for Garden-talent fairies to practice their abilities such as blooming instantly flora with Pixie Dust, opening flower petals at will and ensuring Dyeing-talent fairies their daily work supply (they deliver colorful berries for them).

Places of interest[]

Closed Evergreen at night

A closed Evergreen in Springtime Square at nighttime


Pixie Hollow Online[]

Spring Valley

Spring Valley in Pixie Hollow Online