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Spring is the typical season observed between March through May. It is the time when the earth wakes up after laying dormant during winter. During this time, flowers bloom and plants start to grow.

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Spring season


Spring is the time when the hemispheres start to receive more direct sunlight, starting during the Vernal Equinox. Flowers begin to bloom, plants grow and garden-talents can begin their work. It typically lasts from March 22 to June 21, during the Summer Solstice which begins summer.

Like every other season, spring has a Minister who keeps an eye on the preparations and leads the changing of the seasons.

In the franchise[]

Light-talents and garden-talents works hard to warm up the Mainland and to regrow the dormant flora. Melting away snow blankets is also the duty of every light-talent during this time of year. While the fauna are coming out of hibernation, Animal-talents are preparing a delicious meal of berries for them. Water-talents gather and embellish spiderwebs with shiny dewdrops. Garden fairies paint flowers and helps them bloom, ensuring bumblebees their pollen, which whom Fast-flyer-talents also carry on to the Mainland to help pollinization "flourish" through the meadows across the globe's forest and/or glades far from any human's sight. Bees everywhere are encouraged by Fawn and her talent guild to pollinate flowers and help them thrive. Grass-weaving-talents make sure greener fields on the Mainland after frost melted. Pixie Dust (wielded by garden-talents) plays a keyhole into restoring the once dormant flora.

Light fairies also usually unpack a rainbow from a Rainbow Tube and spread it across the clear sky. Spring Valley is perpetually in spring season.

Spring Months[]

  • March
  • April
  • May



  • This is Bobble's favorite season.[1][2]
  • The Evergreen is a special flower that only fully blooms when spring has to be taken to the Mainland by nature-talent fairies. Once the day ends, the blossom presumably closes its petals once more and only reopens by the next year.[ Reference Needed. ]