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Sports Camp Plays

Fairy Tale Theater

Sports Camp Plays were performed at Fairy Tale Theater on Pixie Hollow Online. It was released on July 5, 2011 until September 12, 2011 during the Sports Camp event. The Theater also featured special performances by the storytelling-talent Lyria, called 2011 Lyria Sports Camp Tales.


Tinker-talent Training[]

Question: Who calls himself "Phineas T. Kettletree, Esquire"?
Answer: Bobble.
Question: What do pixies call human objects from the mainland?
Answer: Lost Things.
Question: What sound does Tinker Bell's clock make?
Answer: Tink-tock tink-tock!
Question: What did Copper say when Mendy asked her to tailor?
Answer: "I don't TINK SEW!"
Question: True or False: The symbol of the tinker-talents is the hammer.
Answer: True.
Question: Why was Vidia feeling dizzy?
Answer: She got caught in the DAILY SPIN!

Water-talent Training[]

Question: What do Water-talents like on their cookies?
Question: Who always says "See ya 'round the waterfall"?
Answer: Marina of the Never Council.
Question: What is full of holes but can still hold water?
Answer: A SPONGE!
Question: Knock-knock!
Answer: Who's there?
Question: Boo hoo.
Answer: Boo hoo who?
Question: Well, you don't have to cry about it!
Question: What would you call Sports Camp during a summer shower?
Answer: DAMP CAMP!

Garden-talent Training[]

Question: What is Rosetta's favorite flower?
Answer: Wild Rose.
Question: How do the garden-talents transport flowers?
Answer: In a PETAL PICK-UP truck!
Question: Which Fairy wins a race in the Winter Woods?
Answer: The first one to the FINISH PINE!
Question: Minister rumored to have been a garden-talent?
Answer: The Minister of Spring.
Question: What is Rosetta's favorite drink?
Question: What's Tinker Bell's favorite food?
Answer: Pumpkin Muffins.

Light-talent Training[]

Question: Light-talents have to wear sunglasses when they work.
Answer: False.
Question: How can you tell that Iridessa is smart?
Answer: She's very BRIGHT!
Question: Iridessa lives in Havendish Square.
Answer: False, she lives in Sunflower Gully.
Question: What did one shooting star say to the other?
Answer: "Pleased to meteor!"
Question: What kind of bow cannot be tied?
Answer: A RAINBOW!
Question: Bella runs the shop Bella's Baubles. What is her full name?
Answer: Bella Rose.