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Spinner is a Storytelling-talent sparrowman who's a real mystery in Pixie Hollow. That's because he's almost never around. He has been known to disappear for years at a time, only to return with fantastic new stories to tell. Spinner's years of wandering have left him somewhat shabby. His jacket is patched, there are holes in his shoes, and his reddish-blond hair usually has twigs and leaves in it. But his smile is always merry, and he also has a story to tell. Of course, nobody knows if there's any truth to Spinner's stories of the world outside Never Land.

In the books[]

In Four Clues for Rani, Quill had gossiped about him and Mixie. Spinner had made Mixie's cake fall because he was doing jumping jacks in the hallway. Mixie had been so mad that she poured cream filling on him, his reaction was a sarcastic just making her more mad.