Spike is a Frost-talent fairy. She lives and works in Winter Woods, and is one of Periwinkle's best friends. She made her first appearance in Secret of the Wings

Spike is voiced by Debby Ryan and is one of Periwinkle’s friends of Ukrainian descent. Not very much is currently known about her, except that she is quite sensible when it comes to her views on crossing the border, and that she can come across as slightly cold. She's laidback and slack-ish compared to Gliss' high energy and enthusiasm. Like most other frost-talent fairies and sparrow men, Spike is aware of the dangers of crossing the border from the Winter Woods to the warm portion of Pixie Hollow. Unlike Gliss and Peri, Spike is very much against Tink and Peri crossing the border to see each other. At the end of the film, she is seen speaking to Vidia.


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