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Can you get me some [dewdrops] at Spider Silk Grotto? Silvermist is probably there gathering them from spider webs
Spider Silk Grotto

Spider Silk Grotto is a small cave located in Pixie Hollow's Spring Valley. It is entered through the cobblestone pathway in Neverberry Thicket.

The grotto is home to an abundance of spiders, who love to play tricks on the Never Fairies that collect the dew off of their webs. The dewdrops here are among the best in Pixie Hollow, according to Tinker Bell.[2]

The spiders that live here also produce incredibly strong spider silk.[3] The spider silk is so strong and reliable that it commonly used for netting and ropes[4]

Players were able to visit the area in the Pixie Hollow Online by playing Water Web.


  • Although no fairies live here, it is safe to visit, unlike the Wilderness.
  • According to Silvermist, the spider webs here produce a "rainstorm's worth" of dewdrops. [5]
  • Tinker Bell's Super Shine Spray is made with dewdrops from Spider Silk Grotto [2]