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Those silly spiders won't be able to keep up with you!
Sunflower Spider

A spider wearing glasses

Spider is a species of bug found throughout Pixie Hollow. They are often friendly to Never Fairies, as they are known to help Sewing-talent fairies with stitching.[2] Spiders are also responsible for creating spider silk.

These critters are rather unique, as they are the only animal known to regularly accessorize. In particular, they can be seen wearing glasses made of dewdrops when they sew.


Spiders can be found throughout Pixie Hollow. However, the best places to find them are Spring Valley and Summer Glade. Spider webs can be spotted in popular areas such as Soapstone Stream and Neverberry Thicket. Spider Silk Grotto, the location of Water Web , is also home to an abundance of spiders.[1]

They can also be found in the Wilderness, where fairies can help them if they're in trouble.


In Crocky's Chompin Rescue (2014), spiders were a treat to Crocky when he went to save the fairies from the pirates.

In Pixie Hollow Online, and its mobile spin-off, Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique, spiders often help Never Fairies with tailoring. They also goof around with Silvermist and the player during Water Web, adding non-removable webbing that makes the mini-game trickier.


  • It is implied that spiders have a good relationship with Water-talent fairies as well, seeing as they place the dewdrops on their webs. According to Silvermist,
  • Spiderweb-untangling talents are a specific talent that helps untangle spider webs.
  • The glasses spiders wear when tailoring make them look similar to Bobble, who wears identical glasses.