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Snow Maker

The Snow Maker first debuted in Secret of the Wings (film). It is a machine invented by Tinker-talents sparrowmen named Clank and Bobble, built by themselves, Tinker Bell and her close friends (even Vidia herself).[1] It creates snow if properly fueled by an ice block (courtesy of a Glacier-talent named Slush), and allowed Periwinkle to visit the warm side of Pixie Hollow without damage or breaking her fairy wings.


In The Pirate Fairy (film), the Snow Maker makes it second appearance in the hollow to provide snow for Winter fairies at the Four Seasons Festival, allowing them to come into the warm side. In the third sequel, however, the Snow Maker got stuck in a tree trunk on the Winter Woods' side and accidentally created a strong blizzard that buried Queen Clarion's kingdom under ice. Thanks to the frost-talents and Lord Milori, the Pixie Dust Tree were saved from dying due to the bitter cold. Pixie Dust flowed down to the complex machinery at the Pixie Dust Mill once again, as well the root in the Winter Woods once became functional, as the golden dust filled the empty ice basin, sprinkling Slush (who was meditating on the branch).