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Tinkerbell adventures card - snail

snail card from Tinker Bell's Adventure

Snail is a species of animal seen on the mainland and in Neverland.


In Fawn: An Animal Fairy, a snail's moisture was used by Fawn to free a butterfly from its cocoon.

In Secret of the Wings (film), Silvermist evacuates a snail to a safer place when the freeze approaches.

In The Great Fairy Race, Lily rides a giant snail.

In Tinker Bell's Adventure, a snail card was available. The snail also exists in the Story Mode. It can be found resting on a log in Pine Tree Grove. If spoken to, the snail says, "......"

Snails also appear in Dust Up and The Pirate Fairy (film).

The recipe for Poppy-Puff Rolls says, "then roll the strips into the shape of a snail shell."