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Sled is a Winter Animal-talent sparrowman from the film Secret of the Wings. He is voiced by Matt Lanter and eventually becomes Rosetta's love interest.


Secret of the Wings[]

Sled is first seen meeting up with the messenger owls at their landing point. There, Sled finds a book on Wingology from the warm seasons. Lord Milori Sled orders to hand the book over to Dewey, the keeper of fairy knowledge, who'll be able to return it.

The book turns out to belong to Tinker Bell, the warm fairy who is revealed to be the sister of Sled's friend Periwinkle. Tink and Periwinkle are forbidden from seeing each other, since crossing the border that separates the Winter Woods from the warm seasons is forbidden. If a warm fairy was to cross, their wings would freeze and shatter. If a frost fairy was to cross, their wings in the sun will shrivel and fall off. However, Tink and her friends create a machine that can create snow with a giant ice block. Sled and his friends are able to provide the ice block and the machine is a success for a short time.

Eventually, the block melts and Peri's wings begin to shrivel. She is rushed back over the border and recovers. Lord Milori and Queen Clarion then declare that Tinker Bell and Periwinkle may never see one another again. The snowmaking machine soon freezes parts of Pixie Hollow, throwing off the balance of the seasons. If the fairies aren't able to save the Pixie Dust Tree from being frozen to death, there would never be pixie dust ever again, making life unsustainable. 

Sled commands the snow owls. While he does so, he grabs Rosetta's blanket that flew away, hands it back and tells her to stay warm. Rosetta is rather smitten. After all is resolved, Queen Clarion and Lord Milori allow warm fairies to cross over, so long as their wings are protected.

The Pirate Fairy[]

Sled makes a cameo alongside his fellow winter-talents at Fairy Coliseum, while attending the Four Seasons Festival. Rosetta even comments that she loved the idea of Winter fairies coming to Pixie Hollow's warm side without consequences (it was due to a bigger snow maker, courtesy of Tinker Bell). When Zarina uses Garden-Talent Dust to bloom unusual poppies instantly, Sled, along with all the others, fall into a deep sleep, only to be awaken at the end with a healing mix, which was also a courtesy of Tink's close friends.