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Skylar is a sparrowman who was featured in the picture book, Fairy Lanterns. Though his talent is never mentioned, it can be assumed he's a far-listening-talent.

Physical Appearance[]


In the book[]

In the book Fairy Lanterns, Skylar is the first fairy to spot Queen Clarion's carriage when she's coming home from royal duties. He was able to hear her coming from far away, so he lit a lantern to signal the other fairies of her arrival. In the rest of the book, the main fairies use their talents to light lanterns to tell Pixie Hollow the Queen has returned. This is why it can be assumed that Skylar is a far-listening-talent

Skylar has very long ears compared to the other fairies and sparrowmen of Pixie Hollow. He wears a green leaf cap, green long sleeved shirt, green leggings, a brown leaf vest and boots.