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This page is about Skull Rock, a recurrent Disney's location. For deeper information about other franchises see Disney Wikia.
Skull Rock & Pirate Ship

Skull Rock is a location in the special island of Never Land.


In the original movie's development stage, the Skull Rock can be seen among other images. Remaining unknown its original purpose for the first movie.

In the first sequel, Skull Rock makes a cameo at the background, as Tinker Bell sets out her Pixie Dust-powered Balloon Carrier to an unnamed island north of Never Land.

In the fourth sequel, it was where Zarina, former dust-keeper and at the time a Pirate Fairy, had grow an ordinary tree (possibly using Garden-talent "Pink" Pixie Dust)[ Reference Needed. ] to accelerate its growth and infused magical Blue Pixie Dust at its core, which enabled it to produce regular golden Pixie Dust as long it were dropping inside. She did this to provide dust to her crew, and due to this, James Hook had taken flight for the first time ever. At the end of the film, Silvermist remarks that they still had an "extra" further implying that the mystical tree Zarina grew for herself still was producing Blue Pixie Dust, although the glass necklace with it inside was given to Queen Clarion by Tinker Bell herself.


  • The Skull Rock appears in many Peter Pan adaptations.
    • In 1953's Peter Pan film, it was where the pirates took a kidnapped kid to get information and trick Peter Pan. However, since Skull Rock was surrounded by water, a full-grown Crocky or "Tik-Tok" or The Crocodile came in to tried and eat Hook.
    • In 2002's Return to Neverland film, the Skull Rock makes a brief cameo appearance.
  • Skull Rock also does appear in Disney Dreamlight Valley as part of Dazzle Beach.[1]