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Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse is the fourteenth book in the disney fairies chapter books. This is first time for Silvermist to be a title character.


Characters: Silvermist, Fira, Vidia, Rani, Queen Clarion, Prilla, Tinker Bell, Beck, Fawn, Rosetta, Humidia, Terence, Dulcie, Hem, Lympia.

Fauna: ladybug.


When an "unlucky" white ladybug lands on Silvermist's head, the other fairies are sure she's cursed. Silvermist doesn't believe in the curse, until she suddenly starts losing things, causing accidents, and making mistakes! Her mind changes and she and Fira start researching ways to break the curse. This continues until they discover she was never cursed at all! Spiteful fast-flying talent, Vidia simply tried to make Silvermist flustered and upset, resulting in her repeated mistakes. Happy and content at last, orderly Silvermist proves to everyone that she isn't cursed when she hits a bull's eye in a Waterball Contest.

The book features many scenes with Vidia, who is mortified and embarrassed when she thinks she's about to drown, but turns out to be in only waist-deep water. Since it happened on Silvermist's boat, she blames the water-talent for it, and tries to get revenge.

When the white ladybug lands on Sil's head, a superstitious fairy leads everyone in thinking it's cursed and that Sil is doomed- Vidia is only too happy to mock concern and imply that Silvermist is finished. In once incident, she pretends to show sympathy, but merely smiles and does nothing when Sil accidentally knocks over a series of bottles, creating chaos. Vidia's comments greatly resemble methods of "gaslighting"- convincing someone of something that isn't true via psychological manipulation.

Fearing she is truly unlucky, Silvermist attempts several "remedies" for bad luck. However, most end in either disaster or with nothing. In the end, Silvermist is sobbing.

In the end, Silvermist may have discovered the cure, after finding a lucky multi-leafed clover, a Five-leaf clover. However, she refuses to really look into it- she instead decides that she doesn't care if she was really cursed or not. Instead, she simply drops out of the water-ball contest. But makes sure to hit a bull's-eye, just to prove her point.

This book- the only one to feature Silvermist as a main character- showcases her as a calm, orderly individual who rarely acts emotionally or gets upset. It shows a strong contrast to the character that developed in the movies, who is shown to be a spacey, airheaded individual who takes everything too literally.


  • In the DS game for the first Tinker Bell, Rune tells a slightly different version of this story.