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Silvermist: A Water Fairy (also "Silvermist and the Fish"[1]) is a short animations, Pixie Preview, released around February 2008 before the first movie, with Silvermist as the protagonist.


Characters: Silvermist

Fauna: Fish (5).


Five gold fishes were bouncing up the stream, however, one was scared of jumping. Trying to encourage it, yet without success, Silvermist made a water bobble around the fish to levitate it stream up, where the other fishes were waiting. In the end, the fish, not wanting to get out of the bubble, played with Silvermist until she popped the bubble and both waved good bye.


  • This short had a similar theme to the mini-game Bubble Bounce.
  • Silvermist's outfit is the same as her concept art version shown in Creating Pixie Hollow.



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