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You've heard of a dewdrop? This is a don't drop. That’s water fairy humor.
— Silvermist to Tinker Bell[src]

Silvermist (b.March 3rd) also known as Sil by her friends, is a Water-talent fairy. She acts quite differently between the books and the films. In the books, she is calm, practical and thoughtful, said to almost never cry. In the film series, she is spacey and strange to the point of utter cluelessness.

Throughout the Movies[]

Tinker Bell[]

In Tinker Bell (2008), Silvermist serves as the main deuteragonist. She is first seen at the arrival of Tinker Bell at the start of the movie. Silvermist, along with Tinker Bell's other friends, tries to help Tinker Bell change her talent when the latter does not want to be a tinker any more. Silvermist tries to help by teaching Tinker Bell how to put waterdrops on spiderwebs, as Water-talents do, but this ends in a disaster. Later in the movie, Silvermist goes to the Mainland with Tinker Bell and the other Never Fairies to deliver spring.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure[]

In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009), Silvermist is seen delivering autumn with the other fairies. Later in the movie after Tinker Bell and Terence had a fight, she tries to comfort Terence and suggests that Tinker Bell should apologize. Throughout the film, Silvermist is seen preparing for the Autumn Revelry, for example by teaching tadpoles how to blow bubbles. Her spacey attitude becomes more pronounced in the second film. For example, Silvermist is seen taking Terence's description of Tinker Bell's anger ("she just exploded!") very literally.

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue[]

In Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010), Silvermist goes to Fairy Camp with the other Never Fairies. When Tinker Bell gets captured by Lizzy Griffiths, Silvermist and Tinker Bell's other friends build a boat to go save her. Later, Silvermist helps distract Lizzy's cat Mr._Twitches while Vidia saves Tinker Bell. When Vidia then gets captured by Lizzy's father Dr. Griffiths, Silvermist and the other fairies go and save Vidia and help Lizzy fly during the rescue operation.

Pixie Hollow Games[]

In Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow Games (2011), Silvermist's game partner is Marina. Silvermist and Marina perform well in a few events, but lost at some point as they are not present in the final round.

Secret of the Wings[]

In Secret of the Wings (2012), Silvermist is seen with Rosetta, Iridessa and Vidia when visiting Tinker Bell in the infirmary after the latter had crossed the winter border. Silvermist meets Periwinkle along with Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta, and Vidia. At the end of the movie she is seen with a coat in Winter Woods.

The Pirate Fairy[]

Silvermist first appears in The Pirate Fairy (2014) with Rosetta and Iridessa, when she says that Zarina is always running out of pixie dust. Silvermist later appears when the Pixie Dust Depot is destroyed by Zarina's garden-talent pixie dust. Silvermist joins the other fairies in sorrow when Zarina leaves.

One year later, Silvermist is seen backstage with her friends. She watches the Winter fairies' performance and is startled when she sees Zarina again after she has stolen Blue Pixie Dust. Later, Silvermist chases after Zarina, only to find her as the captain of a pirate ship. She suggests that perhaps the crew are "nice pirates". When Zarina attacks the girls and switches their talents, Silvermist instead assumes that "Zarina switched our heads!" before discovering that she has been turned into a Fast-flying fairy. Using her new talent, Silvermist is able to fly the fairies in the shell boat to the pirate ship. She nearly gets the group caught by mimicking Zarina's pirate jig during a song and dance number.

Silvermist is also present when the fairies help rescue Zarina and save the Blue Pixie Dust. At the end of the movie, Silvermist becomes a water talent once again thanks to Zarina, who returns to Pixie Hollow.

Throughout the Games[]

Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell[]

Silvermist makes an appearance in the Nintendo DS game, Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell. She is the fairy that the player interacts with when they play the Catch Dewdrops minigame. Silvermist can mostly be found at Lilypad Pond or the Water Lily House, but can also be found in Springtime Square, Spring Valley, and Sunflower Meadow.

Like most fairies, Silvermist will occasionally ask for Tinker Bell to do tasks such as fetch quests, deliveries, and item repairs. Her Magic Book spell awards 10 Blue Water Lilies.


Water fairy Silvermist has a delightfully offbeat and upbeat way of looking at everything. Very much a free spirit, she often listens to her heart more than her head. She’s an easygoing soul who is eager to please and be everyone’s friend. Her sense of loyalty is unmatched. Sil’s guilty pleasure is listening to rumors and gossip from the babbling brook. Her flowing dress is made from a rare blue calla lily.

Game data[]

Likes: Water Lily Dislikes: Black Feather When Silvermist takes an accessory from Tinker Bell’s Shop, there is a possibility she may give a Blue Water Lily.


  • Good morning, little sprinkles!
  • You came to see me so early! I’m flattered.
  • Always good to see a friendly face in the morning!
  • Hi, Tink! How is the most clever tinker today?
  • Afternoon, sprinkles!
  • Oh, Tink! I was just thinking about you.
  • I was hoping you’d drop by again, Tink!
  • I worry about my good friends flying around so late at night!
  • Sometimes I’m afraid of the dark. But I feel better when you’re here, Tink.
  • You came all the way here in the dark? You are a true friend.
  • Hi! Where have you been all day?
  • It’s been so long, I wondered what happened to you, raindrop!

Seasonal Greetings[]

  • Hi, Tink! Summer preparations are starting today, you know. You should go to Beach Cove and see if you can help!
  • Hi there, raindrop! Autumn preparations are getting under way. Why don’t you go to Harvest Promenade, the Minister of Autumn needs help!
  • We make the ripples on ponds, put dewdrops on the grass in the morning…
  • We always help out the garden fairies by watering their plants!
  • Sometimes we water fairies help the light fairies make rainbows.
  • The falling speed of each color waterdrop is different. Orange dewdrops and purple dewdrops are particularly fast, so be extra watchful if you want to catch them.
  • I think the babbling brook gossips too much in the morning.
  • I wonder if fish have noses. And if they do, can they smell sunshine?
  • Why do fish swim upstream in the afternoon?
  • The night sky looks like a big ocean sometimes.
  • All the little tadpoles have been put to bed.
  • I used to have a big dewdrop collection. Sometimes I would find the most interesting ones down by the shore…
  • Did you enjoy catching dewdrops? I’m so happy to see you interested in what Water Fairies do.
  • If I were a fish, I’d go with the flow on such a sunny day.
  • Lilypad Pond has the most beautiful dewdrops. They are magical and they shine so beautifully.
  • You can always catch dewdrops at Lilypad Pond. You’re more than welcome to catch them any time, Tink!
  • I just love helping cute little fishies swim upstream!
  • This accessory you made is just flitterific, Tink! I love it!
  • This accessory you made is my absolute favorite! And it’s waterproof, too!
  • I like Spring because it’s the season with the most rainfall.
  • I hope this Spring is even… um… Springier than last year!
  • So many plants and flowers to water in Spring!
  • Summer is my favorite season! Especially when it’s nice and humid.
  • All Winter, I’ll be looking forward to Spring and Summer. Is that wrong?
  • Water Lilies are the most graceful of all the plants. And they like water, too, so you know they’re smart. (Like hint)
  • You found one! Oh, Tink, this is wonderful! You’re going to make me cry…
  • Are you serious? This is splashtacular! How did you know these are my favorite?
  • Thanks, but… oh, please don’t be mad… I’m not sure it’s “me”…
Water Balloon Message[]
  • This thingy is wonderful, dewdrop. It’s all the fairies will talk about!

Throughout the Books[]

Beck and the Great Berry Battle (2006 book)[]

Silvermist appeared briefly in Beck and the Great Berry Battle. During the Berry Battle, Silvermist has gone through four umbrellas and gets a new one from Rosetta.

In Tink, North of Never Land, Silvermist consoles Terence after his fight with Tinker Bell by teaching him to walk on the water with skimmers - Tinker Bell sees them and becomes a bit jealous of the attention he is getting from her female friends.


Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse

Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse (2008 book)[]

While at a fairy picnic and playing spots and dots, a white ladybug landed on Silvermist's head. Iris acts concerned about it, because it is considered unlucky. Silvermist does not believe it such superstition. Later when playing fairy tag however, Silvermist bumps her head, causing the other fairies to think that she is cursed. Vidia tries to get a rise out of her several times- an act which causes Silvermist great concern, as her attempts to prove that she is not unlucky lead to her knocking things over, and gaining a reputation as a jinx.

Numerous events conspire together to make Silvermist believe that she is unlucky. In the end, despite being "the water talent who almost never cried", Silvermist is sobbing. Finally, however, she seeks a cure for the curse. For a waterball contest, together with her friend Fira, they try to work together to get rid of the curse. At the contest, Silvermist finds a five-leaf clover and the other fairies believe that the curse has been lifted. Silvermist, however, decides she does not think she was ever cursed in the first place, and instead chooses to ignore the contest (and, in a last act, scores a bullseye with a blind shot).

Four Clues for Rani (2011 book)[]

In Four Clues for Rani, Silvermist has accidentally dropped Tally's belt in Havendish Stream. Rani goes in after it and gets it back. After this, she and Tally went to the Home Tree. Her partner for the Fairy Treasure Hunt was Zuzu.

A Fairy's Fire (2018 book)[]

Silvermist is assigned to watch over the activities of Pixie Hollow's first-ever fire-talent fairy, Necia. However, Silvermist fears and mistrusts Necia's gift, and Necia thinks Silvermist does not like her and Silvermist. Silvermist thinks that Necia does not like her either. Eventually, the two come to terms with one another when Necia's talent proves instrumental in defeating a new dragon threat.

Physical appearence[]

Silvermist has an East Asian appearance with pale skin and brown eyes. She has a medium figure and long dark blue hair. She wears a long dress which fades from torquiose to blue, but her outfit varies between seasons and events.


In the films, Silvermist is delightfully offbeat and has an upbeat way of looking at everything. Unfortunately, jokes and expressions do not get very far past her doorstep, and she takes hyperbole very literally. Very much a free spirit, she often listens to her heart more than her head. She is an easygoing soul who is eager to please and makes friends easily. Her sense of loyalty is unmatched, and rubs off on Tinker Bell.


  • Favorite Food: Watermelons.
  • Favorite Flower: Water lilies.
  • Fashion Statement: Cool in blue.
  • Lives in: A water flower.
  • Known for: Being crazy about everyone in Pixie Hollow getting along and listening to her heart.


  • "You've heard of a dewdrop? This is a don't drop." (From Tinker Bell, when Sil is teaching Tink to be a water fairy)
  • Terence: She just exploded! − − Silvermist: (Gasp) She exploded?! − − Terence: No! I don't mean... like that! I mean... she just yelled at me.... − − Silvermist: Oh! (Laugh) Did she turn red? − − Terence: Well, of course she turned red, it's Tink! − − Silvermist: Just give her a chance to cool off. − − Terence: Yeah, you're probably right... (From Lost Treasure, when Silvermist is comforting Terence after his fight with Tink) 
  • Iridessa: Sil do you think the storm will past soon? − − Silvermist: No it's that its gonna get stronger (From The Great Fairy Rescue when Sil and her friends decided to save Tinker Bell) − −  Silvermist:
  • Somebody switched our heads! − − (Fawn gasps) − − Tinker Bell: No, no somebody switched our talents.(From The Pirate Fairy when Tink knew that their talents have switched)
  • Tinker Bell: Your dress. − − Silvermist: And that's my dress − − (Tinker Bell gasps) (From The Pirate Fairy when Sil and Tink saw their dresses are in different colors)


  • Silvermist's magical talent allows her to collect dewdrops and to create puddles over the stream.
    • Sil can teach tadpoles to blow bubbles.
      • Fawn helps Silvermist to be able to talk to aquatic animals (although she also does possesses this ability).
  • Her special hangout is the Babbling Brook.
  • Silvermists guilty pleasure is listening to rumors and gossip from the babbling brook.
  • Silvermist is the second youngest of Tink's friends.
  • Her pet peeve is loud noises.
  • Silvermist has a pet goldfish that she keeps in a pool at her home.
  • She is known for her upbeat and slightly offbeat way of looking at things.
  • Sil loves to eat water chestnuts, watermelon, and salt water taffy.
  • Silvermist is said to be best friends with Fira in Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse, despite both girls being opposites- Fira being passionate and fiery, and Silvermist being calm and rational. Despite this, they do not appear together in other works.
  • Silvermist lives in Lilypad Pond, where she has a water-lily house with a slide in it of her own.[2]


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