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Dulcie's also added eight new Silly Sweets, and they're the silliest and sweetest yet!
Kit, in an article of the Never News

Sweet Pea and Dulcie with Silly Sweets

Sweet Pea and Dulcie with a tray of Silly Sweets

Silly Sweets are a variant of sweets. Thus, not only do they restore a fairy's pixie dust, but they transform Never Fairies and Animals in whimsical ways as well. These transformations can range from making your wings turn neon pink, to making you into a blackberry, or even changing the environment that surrounds you.

These sweets were first baked around April 2011 and were featured in Pixie Hollow Online until its closure.

Obtaining a Silly Sweet

Fairies may acquire Silly Sweets in multiple ways. They can either:

Types of Silly Sweets

Each Silly Sweet causes its own unique effect. However, each Silly Sweet gets grouped into 1 of 5 different categories that best identifies what it can do.

Silly Sweets with Kit and Dulcie

Kit, after eating one of Dulcie's Flip-Flop Silly Sweet

Aura Silly Sweets

These Silly Sweets are able to change a fairy's aura. Eating one may change your size, flip you upside-down, or change the atmosphere around you.

Baby Animal Silly Sweets

Baby Animal Silly Sweets summon the aura of a particular baby animal to follow them around until the silly sweet's effect wore off. For instance, if a pixie ate a Baby Kitten Silly Sweet, the glowing aura of a kitten would begin to chase you around.

Color Changing Silly Sweets

Color-Changing Silly Sweets effect a fairy's skin. For instance, if one were to eat a White Silly Sweet, their skin would turn white. If the Invisible Silly Sweet was eaten, the fairy would become invisible.

Deluxe Silly Sweets

Deluxe Silly Sweets often change the fairy into a different thing entirely. Typically, the transformation is into something that's edible, such as blackberries or ice cream. The one outlier is the Bubbly Bunny Silly Sweet, which causes the pixie to be followed by 2 bunnies made out of bubbles (similar to a Baby Animal Silly Sweet)


Wing Sweets

Wing Sweets are a category of Silly Sweet that debuted during the Sister Celebration. Wing Sweets have the ability to alter a fairy's wings, whether its causing them to sparkle, or making them change color.

Pixie Dust Potency

Silly Sweets only restore 5 smidges of pixie dust, no matter the variant.[1] This makes them the least helpful type of sweet in the game.

Therefore, on trips into the Wilderness, Silly Sweets are NOT recommended due to their lack of pixie dust.


  • The different effects are a result of the different ingredients used in the Silly Sweet's baking process
    • For instance, the Invisible Silly Sweet only turns you invisible if the baker uses soured cream [2]
  • Silly Sweets restore half the amount of pixie dust received from the most basic cookie in the game, the Acorn Cookie (which restores 10 smidges of Pixie Dust)
  • Although never shown in-game, it is confirmed by Fawn (who cites Beck) that animals can be transformed using Silly Sweets.[3]
  • According to Kit, Dulcie is the one who created most (if not all) the recipes for Silly Sweets. [4]
  • The last category of Silly Sweets to debut were the Deluxe Silly Sweets
  • During the Winter Wonderland Party, Snow White Silly Sweets are distributed by the Snowfairies at Meet & Greets [5]