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Shadow Island is a mysterious island which is prominently featured in The Never Girls "Finding Tinker Bell" series. It is a strange and unnerving place where the sun is fixed in one place in the sky. There are various beings such as Sprites, sentient trees, Trolls, and animals.

Shadows seem to be sentient things as well, as some shadows live alongside their caster, or solitary. Even shadows that are still attached to things still can act on their own, as when Fawn's shadow cowered behind her when she saw a hawk's shadow.

The Dark Forest contains beings known as Sprites, who are small humanoid beings usually dressed in mushroom attire. They live underneath huge sentient trees. They fear fire and will pelt any light they see underneath them with pine cones to snuff out the light.

The Lost Coast is where all lost items seem to wash up. Every item you have misplaced appears on this coast until the person remembers or finds where the item was originally placed. The Lost Coast is a dangerous place where those who end up on the shore are doomed to forget who they are and relentless greed.

Places in Never Land[]