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QUEEN CLARION: If you had wings to lift you and the Second Star your guide, you'd find a place where all the seasons flourish side by side. Yet past the Summer Meadow and beyond the Autumn Wood, lies an icy land of secrets, a world misunderstood. But if your mind is open and your heart just has to know, your wings can take you farther than you ever thought you'd go.


(EXT. PIXIE HOLLOW – DAY. One bright and busy morning in the Autumn Forest, SILVERMIST, a water-talent fairy flew along the river. A handful of dragonflies buzzed around around her. They were collecting dewdrops to place on spiderwebs. Not far away, a garden fairy named ROSETTA was coaxing flowers to bloom. VIDIA, a fast-flying fairy, zipped overhead. The wind from her wings pushed the autumn leaves through the air. Each fairy had a job to do, including the dust keeper named TERENCE and his best friend TINKER BELL, the tinker fairy, and they were all happily finishing their morning tasks. But perhaps no fairies were quite as busy as the tinkers)

SYDNEY SIEROTA: We'll be there at the first breath of spring

When the birds start to sing and the grass starts growing

We'll be there in the still summer heat

With the meadow's gleaming gold

We'll be there on the crisp autumn days

With the leaves all ablaze in the cool breeze blowing

We'll be there for it all every year

As we've been since days of old

For what if the world is wider than we ever knew?

And through all the seasons didn't we dream of something more?

What if we brave the great unknown?

What if we're not so all alone?

What if it's you I'm searching for?

(EXT. TINKERS' NOOK – DAY. They were expecting a very special arrival in Tinkers' Nook!)

FAIRY MARY: Look sharp, everyone! The snowy owls will soon be arriving to take the snowflake baskets to the Winter Woods.

(She looked around and noticed that a tinker fairy named LUCINDA was not focused on their job)

Fairy Mary: Lucinda, stop noodling and start tinkering.

(Then she flew off to check on the basket production. Nearby, a friendly gray mouse named CHEESE was struggling with his wagon. It was filled with bundles of reeds, and it was a bit too heavy for him to pull. Suddenly, a lasso appeared out of nowhere and picked up a bundle of reeds from the cart, making the load lighter. Cheese looked up and saw that his friend Tinker Bell was holding on to a pole attached to a rope. Leave it to Tinker Bell to create an invention like a pole with a swinging lasso to help a friend in need!)

Tinker Bell: Is that the last load?

(Cheese replied with a happy squeak to say "Yes!")

Tinker Bell: Thanks, Cheese!

(Tinker Bell waved and walks off to help her other friends, CLANK and BOBBLE)

Clank: Basket weaving is my favorite thing, Bobble.

Bobble: Really? I'm partial to macramé.

(Tinker Bell reached the basket depot. The two tinkers were busy weaving long reeds into sturdy baskets. She placed the new bundle on a pile in front of them)

Tinker Bell: Morning, Clank. Morning, Bobble.

Clank & Bobble (Both): Morning!

Tinker Bell: That should be enough to finish the snowflake baskets.

Bobble: Aye, that will do her.

Clank: Thanks.

(He accidentally wove the reeds right over Bobble's hands!)

Bobble: (GASPS) (WHISPERS) Clanky.

Clank: Oh! Sorry. (CHUCKLES)

(Tinker Bell giggled. Her friends were always getting into funny mishaps like this. Granted, Tinker Bell had a way of getting into tricky situations herself. One time, she had almost ruined the preparations for bring spring to the mainland. And just this past summer, she had accidentally been captured by a little girl in the human world. But each time, her friends had helped her find a way to fix the problem. And right now, Tinker Bell couldn't get into any trouble at all because she was doing her very favorite thing: tinkering!)

(She looked around at the towering piles of baskets that were ready to be collected by the snowy owls)

Tinker Bell: (SIGHS) I can't believe we make the baskets but don't get to take them to the winter fairies. I mean, wouldn't you want to go into the Winter Woods?

(Both Clank and Bobble stopped their work and stared at Tinker Bell in disbelief)

Bobble: Oh, we wouldn't last a day in the cold.

Clank: Besides, I'm afraid of glaciers.

Tinker Bell: Glaciers?

Clank: They're known for their stealth.

Bobble: He's never actually seen one.

Clank: You never do!

(Suddenly, a loud horn sounded)

FAIRY MARY: The snowy owls!

(All the tinker fairies looked up to see a flock of SNOWY OWLS rapidly approaching)

Fairy Mary: Places, everyone! Clank, Bobble, get that basket up.

Clank: Right! Got it, Fairy Mary!

Fairy Mary: Start the pulley!

(Instantly, the fairies began operating a large pulley that hauled the freshly woven baskets up to a delivery tower)

(One by one, each of the snowy owls dove down and snatched a basket in its talons. Then, together, the flock soared back into the sky. Tinker Bell watched, her eyes wide with excitement. The large white birds were so graceful and strong!)

(A young owl approached the basket pickup. He swooped down to grab one of the baskets. But it was a little too heavy for him. He wobbled as he lifted back into the air)

Fairy Mary: Ooh! Newcomer!

(After struggling for a moment, the young owl gained speed and flew to join his brothers. Before the flock left, one of the owls dropped a note made of ice down to Fairy Mary. It floated softly on a frozen parachute. The second it touched Fairy Mary's hands, the ice began to melt. So she had to read it quickly)

Fairy Mary: The final shipment order! Oh, goodness! They need 20 more baskets for tomorrow's pickup.

(But Tinker Bell was only half listening. She couldn't help watching as the owls head for the horizon. They were flying back to the cold mountain range of the mysterious Winter Woods)

Tinker Bell: There's a whole other world over there.

Fairy Mary: Well done, everyone! The first shipment is headed for Winter. But there's much more to do for tomorrow's pickup, so this is no time to rest on your laurels. Lucinda, get off your laurel and get to work.

(Tinker Bell couldn't explain it, she felt drawn to the Winter Woods. It was as if there were a secret buried there, deep in the snow, just waiting to be discovered)

FAWN: Look out!

(Tinker Bell, Clank, and Bobble all turned at the same time. FAWN, an animal fairy, was chasing a BUNNY as it scampered through the basket depot)

Fawn: Runaway bunny!

(The rabbit bounded through the workshop, scatting reeds and supplies everywhere. Baskets went flying through the air!)

Fawn: No!

(In the flash, Tinker Bell zipped over and used her special lasso to grab hold of the renegade bunny)

Tinker Bell: Got you!

(The bunny wriggled its nose. It was not happy to have been caught)

Fawn: Thanks, Tink.

Tinker Bell: No problem, Fawn.

(Fawn reached over and tried to calm the bunny down)

Fawn: Come on, little guy. It's still a long way to the Winter Woods.

Tinker Bell: Oh, you're taking the animals today?

Fawn: Trying to. It's time for them to cross the border, but this little guy is a handful.

(Tink fluttered her wings excitedly. This was his chance to see the Winter Woods up close!)

Tinker Bell: Hey, uh, how about if I help?

(EXT. AUTUMN FOREST – DAY. A short while later, Tinker Bell and Fawn were racing through the Autumn Forest with the animals. Fawn was guiding several weasels, a few bunnies, and a marmot. Tink was trying to steer the youngest bunny by using her tinkered lasso as a leash. But the rabbit was so fast that she kept moving along behind it instead)

Tinker Bell: Slow down! Slow down!

Fawn: Need some help?

Tinker Bell: Nope. Doing fine.

FAWN: That lasso really is handy.

Tinker Bell: Yeah. Heel, Hoppy, heel! Slow down!

(EXT. BOUNDARY – DAY. Finally, they reached the border between the Autumn Forest and the Winter Woods. Tinker Bell was just settling her bunny down when she looked up and saw the border for the first time. She gasped. It was amazing! A wide chasm separated the two seasons, and a thin curtain of soft, shimmering snow fell down the center, marking the divide. Down at the bottom of the trench, a rushing stream babbled on the autumn side. But once it reached the winter side, the water froze solid. A long bridge connected the two seasons. Half of it was a log, and the other half was ice)

Tinker Bell: Wow.

(The bunny beside her trembled nervously)

Fawn: Oh, don't scared, little fellow. We'll let the weasels go first.

(Fawn guided the weasels to the bridge)

Tinker Bell: Come on. Come on. (STRAINING) Come on! So, how far do we take the animals in?

Fawn: Uh, Tink, we don't cross the border.

Tinker Bell: Huh?

Fawn: We just help the animals cross.

Tinker Bell: But I thought animal fairies got to cross with the animals.

Fawn: Tink, it's freezing over there. Besides, no warm fairies are allowed in the Winter Woods. Just like winter fairies aren't allowed over here.

Tinker Bell: Who made up that rule?

Fawn: I think it was the Lord of Winter.

Tinker Bell: Winter has a lord?

(Fawn turned to the weasels)

Fawn: All right, guys. You ready?

(The weasels chattered their agreement. Then they skipped up the log. One at the time, they leapt over into winter. As they crossed the border, each of the weasels' coats magically turned from brown to white!)

Tinker Bell: Wow.

Fawn: Pretty great, huh?

Tinker Bell: It's incredible.

FAWN: They get their winter coats to protect them from the cold. (CHUCKLES) Your turn. Go on.

(Next, three baby bunnies hopped up to the bridge. They bounded over the border and their fur also quickly transformed from brown into brilliant white)

Fawn: Go on, now. Follow your brothers.

(The bunny's ears perked up. He didn't seem as afraid now that the other animals had all crossed. He hopped to the edge of the bridge and stretched out his ears until they just reached across the border. The tips turned white! Then he spun around and wiggled his tail on the winter side. It turned white, too! Then the bunny finally hopped all the way into winter)

Tinker Bell: Bye-bye!

(Tink fluttered closer to the curtain of falling snow. What was it like over there? she wondered. Had any fairy ever tried to cross?)

Fawn: All right, big guy. (GASPS)

(It was the marmot's turn to go but he didn't answer. He was already starting to hibernate, right here in the Autumn Forest)

Fawn: Oh, no.

(He gets closer to the sleeping marmot)

Fawn: No hibernating yet. You do that in winter!

(The marmot yawns)

Fawn: Come on. Come on! Wake up. Wake up.

(Meanwhile, Tinker Bell was scanning the crisp, white snow that stretched far out on the other side of the border. It shimmered and sparkled in the winter sunlight. Tinker Bell couldn't help it. She just had to see what winter was like!)

(Remembering what the bunny had done, she reached his hand over the border. Then she quickly drew it back. Nothing!)

Tinker Bell: Oh...

(She glanced over her shoulder to see if Fawn was watching. But the sleepy marmot distracted her)

Fawn: Come on. Wake up. Rise and shine.

(Now was Tinker Bell's chance)

(Gaining confidence, Tink leaned over the border and stuck her nose across)

Tinker Bell: Oooh.

(She felt the tingle of cold air. Her nose was chilly. But it didn't hurt at all)

(With a deep breath, Tinker Bell jumped over the border!)

(EXT. THE WINTER WOODS – DAY. Instantly, the frosty air surrounded her. Tink shivered. But the snow was magnificent! Tiny flakes swirled everywhere, glistening like pixie dust. Tink opened her mouth and let one land right on her tongue. It was deliciously cold)

Tinker Bell: Ooh!

(Suddenly, Tinker Bell felt a very strange sensation in her wings. She turned around and gasped. Her wings were sparkling! They shimmered with a brilliant burst of colorful light she had never seen before. She could even see all their delicate patterns illuminated. What was causing them to shine so brightly?)

(As if from far away, Tink heard a baby's laugh. It was very soft. But the sound echoed in her ears)

Tinker Bell: Oh...

FAWN: Tink!

(Fawn's call was distant and faint)

(Tinker Bell's wings stopped sparkling)

Fawn: Tink! Tinker Bell!

Tinker Bell: What?

(Before Tink knew what was happening, a lasso sailed over her head and tightened around her waist)

Tinker Bell: Aaagh!

(EXT. BOUNDARY – DAY. Fawn yanked Tinker Bell back past the border into autumn)

Fawn: Oh, Tink! I told you, we're not allowed to cross.

(She took the lasso off Tinker Bell and brushed her hand against her friend's wing)

Fawn: (GASPS) Your wings.

Tinker Bell: I know! They were sparkling.

Fawn: They're freezing! We'd better get you to a healing-talent fairy.

(Fawn dragged Tinker Bell away from the border)

Tinker Bell: But–

Fawn: Come on!

(Fawn knew that Tinker Bell's wings were in great danger. They had to get help–and fast!)

(INT. FAIRY URGENT CARE, PIXIE DUST TREE – DAY. Nestled among the roots of the Pixie Dust Tree was the fairy hospital. Mellow music is playing. There were many patients inside waiting to be seen by healing talents. But some were not so patient)

Receptionist: May I help you?

Rainbow-Covered Fairy: How much longer?

Receptionist: I told you, a rainbow collision is not an emergency.

Rainbow-Colored Fairy: But the purple is starting to itch.

Receptionist: Take a seat.

(The fairy leaves and the another one is next. She is stuck in the snapdragon. She pushes a buzzer! BUZZ!)

Receptionist: Oh. Snapdragon, right?

Snapdragon Fairy: Mmm-hmm.

Receptionist: Not an emergency. Plant it over there.

(Just then, Silvermist, Iridessa, and Rosetta flew in. They had heard the news about Tinker Bell and were very concerned about their friend)

IRIDESSA: Hurry, girls. What if we're too late?

(The receptionist saw them sail right by her check-in desk)

Receptionist: (CLEARING THROAT)

(There was nothing that annoyed the receptionist more than fairies not following proper procedure)

(The three friends stopped mid flight. They hadn't even noticed the receptionist)

Iridessa: Oh. Sorry. Do you know...

Receptionist: Window.

(The fairies forget to check in and they pushed the buzzer. BUZZZZZZ!)

Receptionist: Uh, uh, uh, uh!

(The fairies stopped pushing the buzzer)

Receptionist: Patient's name?

Fairies (All): Tinker Bell.

Receptionist: Oh, yes. The border crosser. She's…

Iridessa: Frozen solid?

Receptionist: Room two.

ROSETTA: Oh, my.

SILVERMIST: Thank you.

Receptionist: Mmm-hmm.

(INT. HALLWAYS, FAIRY URGENT CARE – DAY. The trio zipped up and down the hallways of the fairy hospital, looking for the right room)

IRIDESSA: This way!

ROSETTA: Come on, girls. Hurry.

IRIDESSA: She's right over here. Room two.

Silvermist: There she is.


(INT. EXAMINING ROOM, FAIRY URGENT CARE – DAY. Tinker Bell was sitting on a table with a firefly lamp shining down on her wings. A healing-talent fairy was studying her wings closely while Fawn stood off to the side)

Rosetta: We got here as quick as we could.

Silvermist: We did have to stop at reception.

Iridessa: Did you really cross?

(Tinker Bell was touched that her friends had dropped everything to come see her. She couldn't wait to tell them how her wings had sparkled!)

(But she didn't get the chance to answer, because the healing fairy cut off their chatter)

Healing Fairy: (SHUSHES)

(The three friends nodded and grew quiet. Still, Iridessa couldn't stand not knowing what had happened. She leaned in close to Tinker Bell)

Iridessa: Well, did you?

Healing Fairy: Shh!

(She made the light brighter and moved her magnifying glass over Tinker Bell's wings)

(Just then, Vidia sped into the room. When she saw Tinker Bell's wings magnified against the glass)

Healing Fairy: Hmm...

Vidia: Whoa.

Fairies (All): Shh!

Healing Fairy: Mmm-hmm.

(Finally, the healing fairy took a step back)

Healing Fairy: Okay. You're all warmed up. Let's test your wings.

Tinker Bell: Oh. Sure.

(She sat up a little straighter)

Healing Fairy: Open. Close.

(Tinker Bell did as she was told)

Healing Fairy: And try a little flap.

(Tinker Bell quickly flapped her wings)

Healing Fairy: Can you give me a flitter?

(Tinker Bell took a deep breath and flittered her wings. They felt perfectly normal)

Healing Fairy: Okay. Well, I don't see anything unusual. Your wings appears to be fine.

(Tinker Bell's friends sigh in relief)


Tinker Bell: But what about the sparkling?

Healing Fairy: It must have been the light reflecting off the snow.

(Tinker Bell tried to protest)

Healing Fairy: You should have never crossed the border. Winter is too cold for our warm fairy wings. Now, to be safe, I want you to take two sunflower seeds and come back if there is any problem.

Silvermist: Thank you.

Healing Fairy: Mmm-hmm.

(EXT. GRASSY FIELD, FAIRY URGENT CARE – DAY. Tink's friends led her out of the fairy hospital. They were all relieved that Tinker Bell was okay)

Silvermist: We were worried, Tink.

Fawn: Oh! You are so lucky nothing happened to your wings.

Rosetta: Can you imagine?

(Tinker Bell looked around at her friends)

Tinker Bell: But something did happen. They sparkled!

Iridessa: But you heard her. It was just the light reflecting off the snow.

Tinker Bell: No, it wasn't. They actually lit up. It was brighter than a thousand fireflies. You saw it. Didn't you, Fawn?

Fawn: No.

Tinker Bell: You don't believe me?

Vidia: Who…Um…

Iridessa: Uh. No?

Tinker Bell: Look, you guys, it happened. It felt like…like…

Silvermist: Like what?

Tinker Bell: Like the Winter Woods was calling me. You know?

(Her friends all looked at one another anxiously. Now Tinker Bell was really acting crazy!)

Rosetta: (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Not really. (WHISPERING) Get the doctor.

(Tinker Bell sighed. It didn't matter what healing fairy had said. She knew her wings had sparkled. She wished her friends believed her. And more than anything, she wanted to know what the sparkling had meant)

(INT. BOOK NOOK, PIXIE DUST TREE – DAY. Later that day, Tink flew off to the Book Nook. She had a feeling that she might be able to find the answer to her question there)

(The library was a cozy little building tucked inside a hollow tree. As she entered, Tink passed by four fuzzy bookworms carrying stacks of books to reshelve)

(Soon she found herself flying down a long row of shelves crammed with dusty books. Under her breath, she read the titles aloud:)

TINKER BELL: Animal Fairy Books, 101 Uses for Pixie Dust... Beauty and the Bees... There's got to be a wing book here somewhere. Rules for Rainbow Riding. No, not that.

(Her finger trailed along the row of spines as she scanned each title, looking for the right one)

(Suddenly, a tattered-looking book caught her eye. She opened it and found that the pages had been chewed through)

Tinker Bell: Hey. Someone's been eating the books!

(Nearby, a chubby BOOKWORM looked up guiltily. A half-eaten page was sticking out of his mouth. He quickly gulped down the paper and inched away)

Tinker Bell: Bookworms.

(She kept searching)

Tinker Bell: Light reading. Dustology, windology...

(Finally, she struck gold)

Tinker Bell: A-ha! Wingology. That's got to have it.

(Tink reached for the book. It was shaped like fairy wings. But before she could grab it, the book magically took flight! Tinker Bell chased after it, causing a commotion throughout the library. The book slammed into stacks and shelves, knocking other books all over the floor. Finally, Tink pinned it down on one of the sturdy mushroom-cap tables)

Tinker Bell: Gotcha!

(A FAIRY wearing thick glasses at the next table cleared his throat. He seemed annoyed)

Tinker Bell: Sorry.

Reading Fairy: Mmm-hmm.

Tinker Bell: Okay, let's see. Wing care. Wing washing. Wing tips. Don't get them wet. Everybody knows that. Sizes, shapes, flapping, fluttering. (GASPS) Sparkling! I knew it!

(The book took advantage of her distraction and tried to fly off once more. Tink slammed it back down)

Tinker Bell: Oh!

(Again, the fairy with glasses shot Tink a warning look)

Tinker Bell: Sorry. Found it! Huh? Oh, no.

(The page that had the answer to Tinker Bell's question was chewed up. The bookworm must have gotten to it first)

Tinker Bell: Thanks a lot.

(The bookworm gave her another guilty look. He had just started munching on a tasty paper snack. He slid away, taking the snack with him. Tinker Bell tried to make sense of the words that were left on the page)

Tinker Bell: Hmm. Okay. "Sparkling body. When a most incredible…" "…That the sparkle…there were two." Huh? "That the sparkle…there was two." Two wings? Two feet? (SIGHS) Two what?

(Frustrated, she moved over to where the fairy with glasses was ready)

Tinker Bell: Psst.

Reading Fairy: Oh! Yes?

Tinker Bell: Hey. Do you know anything about the sparkling wings?

Reading Fairy: No. The bookworm ate the page.

Tinker Bell: Yeah, I know.

Reading Fairy: But the Keeper does.

Tinker Bell: The Keeper? Who's the Keeper?

(The fairy pushed his glasses up higher on his nose and pointed to the author's name on the front cover of the book. In small letters, it read, BY THE KEEPER)

Reading Fairy: (CHUCKLES) He writes the books. He is the keeper of all fairy knowledge.

Tinker Bell: That's perfect. Is he here? I have to talk to him.

Reading Fairy: (CHUCKLING) I would give anything to talk to him. But you can't.

Tinker Bell: Why not?

Reading Fairy: Because he's a winter fairy. In order to talk to him, you would have to go to the Winter Woods. And that's impossible. Your wings will freeze and…(Snaps a pencil) Chapter 16.

Tinker Bell: Hmm. The Winter Woods.

(She quickly thanked the fairy and started to fly home)

(I have to see the Keeper! she thought eagerly. Somehow, there has to be a way to cross the border safely. He's the only one who can tell me why my body sparkled!)

(INT. TINKER BELL'S TEACUP HOUSE – NIGHT. Tinker Bell was hard at work in her teacup home. Using thorn scissors, she snipped a thick green leaf into pieces. Nearby, two bugs turned a spinning wheel to make thread. Tink carefully stitched the pieces of the leaf together to make a warm winter coat. They she started to make snow boots. She hammered and cobbled until they were just right. She even added her signature pom-poms to the toes. When she was done, she tucked fuzzy earmuffs and woolly gloves into her satchel, along with the Wingology book. She looked at herself in the mirror)

(Not bad! she thought. She was ready for winter! Smiling, she turned to fly off on her adventure…and fell flat on her face!)

Tinker Bell: Agh!

(She'd forgotten that with her warm coat on, she couldn't flap her wings)

Tinker Bell: Can't fly.

(Luckily, with the plan she had in mind to get to the Winter Woods, something else would be doing the flying for her!)

(EXT. TINKERS' NOOK – DAY. Tinker Bell cautiously peeked out from behind a bunch of leaves. She saw Fairy Mary and the other fairies hard at work. Slipping her hood on her head, Tinker Bell quietly tiptoed into the workshop)

FAIRY MARY: Hurry, now, hurry! Let's finish up. Stand by with the pulley. All right! It's this season's final pickup; so let's make it our best. Lucinda, let's leave the loafing for the Baking Fairies.

(Tink hid behind a large bin and spied on her friends Clank and Bobble. They were testing out the basket they had just made)

BOBBLE: Okay, Clanky.

Clank: Right!

(He pulled down on a large lever, and the bottom of the basket opened up. Bobble fell through it and onto the ground with a loud thump!)

Bobble: Ouch!

Clank: Snowflake release system working!

BOBBLE: Maybe you should be the test snowflake for a while.

(Without a sound, Tink pulled a small grappling hook attached to a rope out of her satchel. Quickly, she tossed the hook toward the top of the basket. It caught hold. Pleased with herself, Tink began to climb up and into the basket. She was so close to getting a ride to the Winter Woods!)

Clank: Tink?

(Uh-oh! Tinker Bell thought. She'd been caught!)

Bobble: We already checked that basket.

(He thought Tinker Bell was helping them prepare for the final pickup)

Tinker Bell: Right. Uh…

Clank: Why are you dressed all cozy?

Tinker Bell: I'm going to the Winter Woods.


Bobble: (LOUDLY) The Winter Woods?

Tinker Bell: Shh!

(Thankfully, Fairy Mary was busy on the other side of the factory, counting the last batch of baskets)

Bobble: (WHISPERING) The Winter Woods?

(Tinker Bell was about to explain when suddenly a loud horn sounded)

FAIRY MARY: Places, everyone!

Tinker Bell: The snowy owls. They're here!

FAIRY MARY: Start the pulley!

(The baskets that the tinker fairies had been making all day started to move along the rope up to the delivery tower. Tinker Bell didn't have time to think. It was now or never)

Tinker Bell: Bye!

(Before they could stop her, Tink hoisted herself into a moving basket and began rising into the air)

CLANK: Tink! Wait!

(They flew after her. The pulley was carrying baskets up to meet the snowy owls as they swooped down. Tinker Bell's basket was nearing the top)

Bobble: You can't cross the border, Miss Bell. Your wings!

Tinker Bell: Don't worry. They're in my coat.

Clank: Does this have to do with the…(GASPS)

(They turned their attention to the owl as he whoosh by and picked up the basket)

Clank: The sparkling?

Tinker Bell: Yes. There's somebody in winter who can tell me what it means.

Fairy Mary: Clank! Bobble! Is something wrong with that basket?

Bobble: What? Oh.

(They turned their attention again to the owl as he picked up another basket)


(Bobble shot Tink a nervous glance. She looked at him pleadingly. They couldn't give her away now!)

Bobble: Tink?

Tinker Bell: I just have to do this.

(Clank and Bobble heard another whoosh of the owl)

Bobble: Uh, no. Everything is, uh, fine. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY)

Clank: We're just sad to see it go. Pretty basket.

Fairy Mary: Oh! Honestly. Let it go!

(They released their hold on the basket, and one by one the snowy owls swooped down to collect the deliveries. Tinker Bell peeked over the edge. Her basket was next for pickup!)

(Just then, the young owl from the previous day came into view. He was assigned to collect Tinker Bell's basket)

Fairy Mary: That's the new one.

Bobble: Uh, new one?

Fairy Mary: Mmm-hmm.

(A new owl wouldn't be as steady when picking up a heavy basket as the other, more experienced owls. They hoped the bird wouldn't drop Tinker Bell!)

(A moment later, the young owl flew past and grabbed the handles of Tinker Bell's basket. He wobbled a little. The he flapped his wings hard, trying to keep up with his brothers)

(Tinker Bell smiled. They were on their way…)

(…and heading straight for a wall! Panicking, Tinker Bell crouched against the side of the basket and braced for impact. But at the second, the determined little owl gained enough momentum to lift the basket up and over the wall. They just missed it)

(Back on the ground, Clank and Bobble let out a sigh of relief. That was close!)

(Tinker Bell sneaked a look back at her friends one last time, then she quickly ducked down)

Fairy Mary: Excellent work, everyone. They're off to the cold of winter. Well, that's that until next year.

(As Fairy Mary left, Clank and Bobble continued watching Tinker Bell's basket disappear over the horizon)

(EXT. THE AUTUMN FOREST – DAY. Inside the basket, Tinker Bell was nervous and excited. There was no turning back now. She was going to the Winter Woods!)

(Peering over the edge, she saw the border between autumn and winter rapidly approaching. It grew closer, and closer, and then…)


(EXT. THE WINTER WOODS – DAY. The moment they crossed over, a burst of cold air hit Tinker Bell hard. She shivered and opened her eyes. She was in winter!)

(The snowy owl flew on at top speed. Tinker Bell held tight and watched as a world of white whizzed past her. Winter was incredible! They dipped under a sparkling ice bridge and then pulled up high over a magnificent snowy valley. Tinker Bell's breath came in short puffs of frosty air. It was like nothing she had ever seen or felt before. No stories about the Winter Woods could have prepared her for this)

Tinker Bell: I made it.

(Up ahead, a handsome winter fairy named SLED flew over to greet her owl)

SLED: Welcome back.

(Tinker Bell ducked down inside the basket, hiding)

Tinker Bell: A winter fairy.

SLED: You ready for the drop-off?


Sled: Come on. You did it yesterday. You'll be fine.


Sled: All right then. Here we go.

(As Tinker Bell watched, Sled flew ahead and spiraled down to a hilltop covered in snow. She realized that the owls were going to drop the baskets onto a long icy slide that would take them to a factory similar to the basket depot back in Tinkers' Nook. Tink gulped. This was going to be a bumpy ride!)

(On Sled's signal, the owls swooped forward one by one and let go of their baskets. Tinker Bell's basket lurched to one side as her owl got ready to release it. Tink was thrown against the edge, and she accidentally hit the snowflake release lever!)

(Instantly, the trapdoor at the bottom of his basket sprang open. Her satchel started to slide toward it. Quickly, Tinker Bell snatched it up. But the basket rocked to and fro. She started to roll toward the open trapdoor herself!)

(Tink grabbed the edge of the opening just before she would have fallen through, and with all her strength, pulled herself back up and closed the trapdoor. Whew!)

(But Tink wasn't out of trouble yet. Her owl had been thrown off balance by her tumbling. Startled, he accidentally released the basket too soon. It careened out of control)

(EXT. SNOWFLAKE DEPOT, THE WINTER WOODS – DAY. A winter fairy below spotted the renegade basket)


(Tinker Bell's basket slid down the chute and smashed into a pile of bins already loaded with snowflakes. Frosty crystals flew everywhere! As her basket rolled to a stop, Tinker Bell remained perfectly still. The winter fairies were scampering to clean up the mess)

SLED: Sorry about that.

(Thankfully, no one had spotted her. Tink quickly started to gather all the things that had fallen out of her satchel. But wait – something was missing)

Tinker Bell: Oh, no.

(Tinker Bell peeked around the rim of his basket. The wing book was lying out in the open!)

(Just then, a large shadow passed overhead. A massive snowy owl whooshed by, and a powerful-looking fairy wearing a cape leapt down to the ground)

Sled: Lord Milori.

(That must be the Lord of Winter Fawn had told her about. The one who had made the rule those fairies couldn't cross the border. Now Tink really needed to stay hidden!)

Lord Milori: And what happened here?

Sled: A bit of a bumpy landing. It's only his second drop-off.

(The owl gave the lord a sheepish grin)

Lord Milori: As long as the basket made it, I'd say he did just fine.

(As Lord Milori and Sled were talking, Tinker Bell moves the basket closer to get the book back)

Lord Milori: How was the crossing?

Sled: Four bunnies, two weasels, and a marmot.

Lord Milori: And they all crossed safely.

Sled: Yes, I met up with them on the north side.

Lord Milori: The snowflakes are looking quite beautiful.

Winter Fairy: (CHUCKLES) No two alike.

(Tinker Bell tried to reach the wing book with her foot. But it was too far away. She stretched just a little bit more…and accidentally knocked the book with her toe)

Tinker Bell: No, no, no.

LORD MILORI: Ambitious.

(It slid out of reach, and right into Lord Milori's boot!)

Lord Milori: Hmm. (Picking up the book) Now that is odd.

Tinker Bell: Oh!

(Tinker Bell smacked her hand against herhead. This was a disaster!)

(Lord Milori studied the book carefully)

Lord Milori: It must have been left in the basket by accident. Return this to the Keeper.

Tinker Bell: (GASPS) The Keeper.

LORD MILORI: He can send it back to the warm side with his next delivery.

(He mounted his owl and took off into the sky. Once he had left, Sled picked up the book and headed out of the snowflake depot)

(Tinker Bell watched him go. If he was off to see the Keeper, then there was only one thing to do. She was going to follow him!)

(EXT. CHAMBER DOORS, THE HALL OF WINTER – DAY. Tinker Bell listened carefully. She had followed Sled all the way there, and he was speaking with the Keeper now)

SLED: It must have come from the warm side. In one of the baskets.

(He turned to fly off)

Sled: Thanks.

(Once Sled was out of sight, Tinker Bell quietly stepped inside the chamber)

(INT. CHAMBER, THE HALL OF WINTER – DAY. But the floor was slippery. It was made entirely of ice. Tinker Bell could barely stand up)

(He clung to a wall and struggled to get her balance. As she steadied herself, she noticed a soft purring noise coming from behind her. Slowly, she turned around…)

(An enormous snowy lynx was just inches from her face! Tinker Bell clapped her mouth over her mouth. But when the creature snored, she realized it was asleep. Sighting with relief, Tinker Bell backed away…)

(…and slipped on the ice!)

Tinker Bell: Ahhh!

(She slid down into the frozen depths of the hall. She kept sliding and sliding, until finally she crashed into a large stack of ice books against the wall)

(INT. LIBRARY, THE HALL OF WINTER – DAY. This was not going as well as she'd hoped. She staggered to her feet and looked around)

(What she saw took her breath away. She was in a grand library, bigger than any room she had ever seen. Thousands of books lined the wall, and stacks of frosty parchments towered in every corner. Several large ice tablets teetered on the edges of their shelves, held in place by even more books and papers piled on top. It was incredible!)

(Across the room, Tinker Bell spotted the wing book that Sled had dropped off. She began to inch over to it when suddenly a short, elderly fairy walked in. He had tousled white hair and small, round spectacles. Tink could hear him mumbling to himself)

DEWEY: That's the end of that chapter. Boy, that's a beauty. Flora and Fauna of the Fairies.

(That must be the Keeper, Tinker Bell thought. She couldn't believe it. She had found him!)

Dewey: Put a period there, then we are pretty much done. Wait. I forgot to number the pages. Oh! I'm going to have to start all over on this large book.

(She was just about to step out from behind the ice books when a young winter fairy came whizzing by)

Voice: Keeper. Keeper!

Dewey: Yes, what…

Voice: The most amazing thing happened. You'll never believe it.

Dewey: Okay, I'm coming. I'm coming.

Voice: I've never felt anything like it! My friends didn't believe me, but how could they because it's so...

DEWEY: Slow down. I can only listen so fast.

(As Tinker Bell listened, a tingling sensation suddenly overwhelmed her. She looked over her shoulder and saw that her wings is shimmering so brightly she could see them right through her coat)

Voice Yesterday, at the border, my wings. They actually…they lit up. It's happening again!

(She turned so that the Keeper could see her wings were sparkling)

Dewey: Oh… Well, I'll be a yeti's uncle.

(Tinker Bell peeked out from her hiding place and got a good look at the winter fairy's face for the first time. Her stomach did a little flip. Something felt so familiar about the fairy! She had short, silvery hair and ice-blue eyes. Her dress was made from a delicate material that glistened like frost in the sunlight. Tink was positive that she had never met this fairy. But she couldn't help feeling drawn to her. She took off her coat and stepped out of hiding)

(The winter fairy turned and stared at Tinker Bell. They began drifting toward one another, as if an invisible force guided them)

Dewey: In all my years.

Periwinkle: Your wings. They're sparkling.

Tinker Bell: Like yours.

Dewey: (LAUGHS INCREDULOUSLY) I've written about the sparkling, but I've never seen the sparkling with my own peepers! (CHUCKLING EXCITEDLY) Oh, uh, follow me!

(INT. VAST HALL, THE HALL OF WINTER – DAY. The Keeper ushered Tinker Bell and Periwinkle through the vast hall. He pointed his cane toward a great room with a giant snowflake pattern on the floor)

Dewey: Now, step the footsies on the snowflake.

(Tink place her coat on top of his cane and flew with Periwinkle to the middle of the snowflake. The Keeper tapped his cane on the floor, and the room went dark. Instantly, the snowflake Tink and Periwinkle were standing on lit up and rose off the ground. Amazed, the two fairies held perfectly still)

Dewey: Just put your wings into the light!

(Together, the fairies lifted their wings into the sunlight streaming down from an opening in the ceiling. The rays shone through their wings. Then an incredible thing happened. The light began projecting images from their pasts on the icy chamber walls. The first picture was of Big Ben, the clock tower in London)

Tinker Bell: The mainland.

(The scene switched to a baby laughing for the first time. The fairies watched as the laugh split in two and landed on a dandelion. Two wisps from the flower took flight and danced across a night sky. They floated past the Second Star to the Right and headed straight toward Never Land! But before they could reach the Pixie Dust Tree, one got caught on a branch. The other traveled on. A strong gust of wind came and blew the tangled wisp in the opposite direction, toward the Winter Woods)


(Images of both fairies arriving in Pixie Hollow appeared– Tinker Bell in the warm seasons at the base of the Pixie Dust Tree)

Tinker Bell: Hello.


(And Periwinkle in the center of the Winter Woods)

Periwinkle: Hello.

Tinker Bell: Two fairies born of the same laugh. So that means…

Periwinkle: You're my…

Tinker Bell & Periwinkle (Both): So we're…Sisters.

(The Keeper nodded and gestured to the fairies' wings)

Dewey: Yes! And your wings are identical. That is why they sparkle.

(Turning their backs to each other, Tinker Bell and Periwinkle lined up their wings. The Keeper was right–the patterns marched perfectly! A bright spark of light suddenly burst forth when their wings touched. It created a beam that shone all the way to the ceiling)

Tinker Bell & Periwinkle (Both): (EXCLAIM) Jingles! (LAUGHING)

Dewey: Ah… Oh, boy. Maybe you shouldn't do that.

Tinker Bell: Um, I'm Tinker Bell.

Periwinkle: I'm Periwinkle.

(Tink thought back to how her wings had sparkled the first time she jumped into winter)

Tinker Bell: So you must have been at the border.

Periwinkle: Yeah. I was hoping to see the animals cross.

Tinker Bell: I guess I didn't see you.

Periwinkle: (CHUCKLES) Me either. (GASPS)

(She looked down at the pom-poms on Tink's boots)

Tinker Bell: What?

(Then she reached into her pocket and pulled out two identical pom-poms, to which Tinker Bell gasped)

Periwinkle: I usually just wear them at home.

(She puts them on her toes)

Tinker Bell: Wow.

(At that moment, a voice bellowed through the chamber)

LORD MILORI: Hello. Keeper, are you in?

Dewey: Yipping yetis, Lord Milori!

Periwinkle: If he sees you, he'll send you back.

LORD MILORI: Keeper? Are you here?

Dewey: Don't worry. I'm going to take care of this.

Lord Milori: Where are you?

Dewey: Ah. Come back later!

Lord Milori: Keeper?

Dewey: Whoa, boy. Can't get that one back.

Lord Milori: I need to speak with you. It's important.

(Tink and Periwinkle crouched down on the large, hovering snowflake. As long as they stayed there, Lord Milori wouldn't be able to see them from down below)

Dewey: I'll be right back.

(He flew down to see Lord Milori. He greeted the royal fairy)

Dewey: I'm right here, Lord Milori.

Lord Milori: Did you receive the wing book?

Dewey: You know, once upon a time, you'd stop by just to say hello and howdy-do.

Lord Milori: (SIGHS) I'm sorry. Hello.

Dewey: Howdy-do?

Lord Milori: (SIGHS) Howdy-do. This book has me worried. What if a warm fairy brought it here?

DEWEY: Well, that might be nice, then, meeting a warm fairy. Especially one with such good taste in books.

Lord Milori: It's too cold.

Dewey: Maybe if they were wearing a coat, or one of them little sweater vests. They're nice.

(The look that crossed Lord Milori's face made it clear that he was losing his patience)

Lord Milori: I'll remind you. Crossing the border is forbidden.

Dewey: There was a time when it wasn't.

Lord Milori: The rule is there to keep the fairies safe. That will never change.

Dewey: But I…

Lord Milori: If a warm fairy comes here, you will send them back.

Dewey: Of course.

(Up above on the floating snowflake, Tinker Bell and Periwinkle exchanged a worried look. This didn't sound good)

Lord Milori: Thank you. (Turning to leave)

(Once he was out of sight, the snowflake Tinker Bell and Periwinkle were on descended to the floor)

Dewey: Well, you heard the Lord Milori. He said you must go back home. Of course, he didn't say when.

(The sisters gasped and laughed, happy to have more time to spend together)

Dewey: Now, listen, you two, it gets colder after the dark, so it's best to get Tinker Bell home before the first moonlight.

(Periwinkle gave the Keeper a big hug)

Periwinkle: Thank you, Dewey.

Tinker Bell: Dewey?

Periwinkle: That's his real name.

Dewey: It's what my friends call me.

Tinker Bell: Thank you.

Dewey: Dewey.

Tinker Bell: Dewey.

(They started to leave the hall)

Periwinkle: So, um, I'm a frost fairy. I frost things.

Tinker Bell: Oh. I'm a Tinker. I...

Periwinkle: Tinker things.

Tinker Bell: Yep. I even made this coat.

Periwinkle: Oh, I like it.

Tinker Bell: Thanks.

PERIWINKLE: You're welcome.

Dewey: (CHUCKLES) Sisters.

(EXT. THE WINTER WOODS – DAY. It seemed even more spectacular to Tinker Bell now that her sister was showing her around. They went to see the Pixie Dust Well. It was similar to the Pixie Dust Tree on the warm side of Pixie Hollow, except that the pixie dust here flowed from a hollow root)

Periwinkle: It's amazing. The dust travels all the way from the Pixie Dust Tree. Kind of like you did.

(Then they visited the icicles)

Tinker Bell: ...Terence and I barely escaped the pirate ship!

Periwinkle: Is he your boyfriend?

Tinker Bell: Uh…

(They came to the ice skating area)

Periwinkle: So Lizzy loves fairies?

Tinker Bell: Yeah. She even built a fairy house. That's how I met her. You see, me and Vidia...

(He slipped on the ice and she and Periwinkle laughed)

(INT. PERIWINKLE'S HOUSE – DAY. Tink had never seen anything like it. It was a cold but cozy cave nestled high up on the side of a snowy mountain. It even had an ice-crest ledge for a front porch. From the tip of the ledge, Tink could see all the way to the border of winter. Periwinkle showed Tink her room, and opened a drawer full of lost objects that she had collected. Tinker Bell pulled a paper clip from the treasures)

Tinker Bell: You collect lost things, too?

Periwinkle: I call them found things.

(EXT. THE WINTER WOODS – DAY. The two sisters went ice-skating using skates they had made from the paper clips! Tink wasn't very steady on her feet, but Periwinkle was patient and helped her sister glide across the frozen pond. Later, they tried snowboarding...and wound up landing in a heap among the trees)

McCLAIN SISTERS: I never knew I lost you till I found you

And you'd never guess how close you are to me

Now I want to throw my arms around you

Tell a thousand tales that will astound you

Everything about you tells me this was meant to be

(When the two fairies grew tired, they sat on a branch to rest. Down below, a snowflake fairy was busy twirling a handful of snow high in the air as if it were a pizza. Then she expertly poked out a pattern in the frosty crystals. Each flake she made floated gently past Tinker Bell and Periwinkle, and no two were alike. Tinker Bell sighed. This was the best day ever!)

McClain Sisters: Don't you see? I'm on your side

Let's take this ride

And together we're facing the world

Doing things nobody's done before

And the great divide

Doesn't seem so wide


(EXT. FROST FOREST, THE WINTER WOODS – DAY. Periwinkle took Tinker Bell to see two of her close friends in the Frost Forest)

Periwinkle: This is the Frost Forest.


Periwinkle: That's Gliss.

(She pointed to a fairy a short distance away. The two sisters didn't want to get caught, so they were hiding behind a snowy branch where the other fairies couldn't see them)

Gliss: Come on, Spike. Practice.

Spike: Okay, okay. Practicing.

Periwinkle: And that's Spike. She's a bit…

(Just then, Tinker Bell slipped and fell onto a snowdrift below. Periwinkle flew to catch her, and they both wound up sliding right into Gliss's and Spike's arms!)

Periwinkle: Hi.

Spike: Sisters?

Gliss: Well, I think it's fantastic! Wow, you two look exactly alike! I mean, expect for your clothes and your hair and Peri's a bit more pale. But your noses are very similar.

Spike: Forget their noses. He's a warm fairy. In winter!

Gliss: (GASPS) You're right. We got to show her around! Oh, oh, oh! Let's take her ice-sliding! Come on, Spike!

Periwinkle: You are going to love this!

Tinker Bell: It sounds fun.

Spike: Yeah. Great idea. Push the warm fairy down a hill of ice. Okay, well, wait for me, you guys.

(Soon, all four fairies were teetering at the top of a high frozen waterfall aboard a toboggan)

McClain Sisters: And if you'll be there beside me when I falter

Then whatever comes I know we'll take it all in stride

Periwinkle: Ready, set, slide!

(Tink shrieked in delight as they went racing down the icy hill. She couldn't remember ever having this much fun in her life)

McClain Sisters: I'm on your side

I'm on your side

Let's take this ride

And together we're facing the world

Doing things nobody's done before

And the great divide

Doesn't seem so wide


(INT. PERIWINKLE'S HOUSE – NIGHT. Periwinkle and Tinker Bell sat by a small campfire on the ice crest in front of the Peri's home)

TINKER BELL: Um… I know. Favorite star?

PERIWINKLE: Second Star…

Tinker Bell: To the right.

Periwinkle: To the right. Okay. Favorite drink?

Tinker Bell: Hot chamomile tea.

Periwinkle: Iced chamomile tea!

(She and her sister had so much in common!)

Tinker Bell: Okay, my turn. How about...favorite bug?

Periwinkle: Bug? It's too cold for bugs over here, but in one of Dewey's books, I read about butterflies.

Tinker Bell: Oh, in Butterfly Cove, there's hundreds of them. It's in summer. It's right over...

(She looked out toward where she thought the center of Pixie Hollow would be. She scanned the horizon, but all she could see was the frozen land of winter)

Tinker Bell: Um…Hmm. I guess you can't see it from here.

Periwinkle: (SIGHS) No. You can't. What's it like over there?

Tinker Bell: Warm.

Periwinkle: And the colors? The sounds? All the animals. And the fish. They swim in melted ice, right?

Tinker Bell: Water.

Periwinkle: (SIGHS) I wish…I wish I could go there.

(The two fairies sat side by side, watching the night sky. Then Tinker Bell looked at the tiny campfire that was keeping her comfortably warm. It gave her an idea)

Tinker Bell: Peri?

Periwinkle: Yeah?

Tinker Bell: I made it warmer over here. Maybe I could make it colder over there.

Periwinkle: Are you…(GASPS) are you saying I could cross?

(The winter fairy's heart leapt. Crossing the border was something she had never thought was possible)

Tinker Bell: Yeah!

Periwinkle: Oh, Tink. You could show me your world. I could meet your friends. Do you think I could see a butterfly?

Tinker Bell: There's a pretty good chance.

Periwinkle: Oh!

(Her mind was racing with ideas about how she could bring Periwinkle over to the warmer seasons. This would be her biggest tinkering challenge yet!)

(The two sisters were so busy chattering about their plans that they didn't notice that the campfire they had made was slowly melting the ice. It wasn't until they heard a loud crack that they realized something was very wrong)

(The ice crest beneath them was collapsing!)

Periwinkle: Uh, Tink?

(But the ice give away and they all plummet. Periwinkle fluttered into the air. But Tinker Bell's wings were trapped beneath her coat. She panicked)

Tinker Bell: I can't fly!

Periwinkle: Tink!

(The frost fairy reached out to rescue Tinker Bell, but her sister's weight was too much for her)

Periwinkle: Hold on. Hold on!

Tinker Bell: I'm slipping!

(Periwinkle lost her grip on Tinker Bell, and they both screamed as they tumbled down through the ice and snow. Then, out of nowhere, Fiona the lynx appeared beneath them. The sisters landed on her back with a soft thump, and the lynx skillfully dodged the avalanche just in time. She carried two fairies to safety)

Dewey: That's it, Fiona. That's it. Whoo! Are you girls all right?

Tinker Bell: Yeah.

Periwinkle: Yeah.

Dewey: Are you sure? Nothing broken? Nothing bruised?

Tinker Bell: No. We're okay.

Dewey: (SIGHS) This time. Lord Milori was right. Crossing the border is just too dangerous.

Tinker Bell: What are you saying?

Dewey: I'm sorry, girls, but I'm afraid this isn't going to work out like you hoped. We have to take Tinker Bell home.

(Tinker Bell and Periwinkle looked at Dewey, stunned)

Dewey: Let's go, Fiona.

(Fiona led the way, with Tink and Periwinkle riding on her back. The sisters held hands and the lynx brought them to the border)


Dewey: It's… It's for your own good.

(When they reached the edge, the two fairies remained quiet for a moment. They watched the soft snow curtain falling between autumn and winter)

(Tinker Bell looked sadly at her sister. She gently pulled her hand away and began to walk back over the border. Periwinkle, with tears in her eyes, rushed to embrace her sister before she could cross. Dewey sniffled and turned to face the other way)

Dewey: (WHIMPERING) I can't watch, Fiona. (SNIFFLING) I promised myself I wasn't going to do this.

(Tinker Bell peeked over Periwinkle's shoulder to make sure Dewey wasn't paying attention)

Tinker Bell: Okay. Here's the plan. Meet me here tomorrow.

Periwinkle: Oh, thank goodness. I thought you were really saying goodbye.

Tinker Bell: No! I just met my sister I never knew I had and I'm going to say goodbye forever? Are you kidding? So…

(Tinker Bell whispered her plan. Whatever her sister needed, she would get it. She wasn't going to let her down!)

(EXT. TINKERS' NOOK – NIGHT. Tinker Bell knocked on Clank and Bobble's door)

Tinker Bell: Clank? Bobble?

(There were sounds of scuffling inside, followed by the door slowly opening. Tinker Bell peered around the edge)

Tinker Bell: Guys?


(A net suddenly shot out and wrapped around her)

Tinker Bell: Aagh!

(Clank stepped out with his spring-loaded troll-stopping gun in hand. A look of surprise crossed his face when he saw Tinker Bell trapped in a net)

Clank: Oopsie.

(Bobble stepped out too)

Bobble: (GASPS) Tink! You're back!

Tinker Bell: Yes. (CHUCKLES)

(She is slightly annoyed by the unexpected greeting. She wriggled against the net)

CLANK: Sorry! We thought you were a troll.

Tinker Bell: A troll?

Bobble: I knew we shouldn't have used the troll stopper.

Clank: What if it was a troll? You'd be saying something different, wouldn't you?

Tinker Bell: Guys. It doesn't matter.

Clank: Oh, right.

Tinker Bell: I need your help.

Clank: Is it about a glacier?

Tinker Bell: No. But it's kind of a secret. I don't want everybody to know.

(Tinker Bell's friends exchanged a glance. They looked at his with interest. When Tinker Bell had a secret plan in mind, they knew something exciting was about to start)

(INT. WORKSHOP, TINKERS' NOOK – NIGHT. Soon, all tinker fairies were busy at work. Tinker Bell and Bobble hammered away at a mysterious-looking contraption, while Clank went to collect extra Lost Things for them to use)

Tinker Bell: I'm pretty sure these buttons will work, but we're going to need more of them.

Bobble: Yeah, unless we use a couple of acorn caps.

Tinker Bell: Right! Good idea.

Bobble: Now where is that Clanky?

CLANK: Oh, yes, I'm right here.

Tinker Bell: Oh!

(He wheeled the cart of extra supplies. Tinker Bell looked up to see what she had brought…and instead saw Fawn, Rosetta, Silvermist, Iridessa, and Vidia standing next to him)

Clank: I didn't tell everybody. Just Fawn, Ro, Sil, Dess, and Vidia.

Vidia: So there's another you.

Rosetta: Vidia!

Tinker Bell: Yeah. I've got a sister.

Clank: (CHUCKLES) I told you!

Rosetta: Bust my bonnet.


FAWN: It's fantastic!

Vidia: I can't believe this is happening.

Iridessa: But how?

Clank: They were born of the same laugh, okay! Tell them, Tink, what you told me and Bobble.

Tinker Bell: Her name's Periwinkle. She's a frost fairy, and she's just amazing. I'm making this machine so she can come here and meet you all, and after that we'll go straight to Queen Clarion!

Silvermist: Oh…

Vidia: Um, have you thought this through? "Hi, Queen Clarion. Meet the winter fairy I smuggled over the border."

Rosetta: Vidia!

Tinker Bell: When Queen Clarion hears how we found each other, and that we're sisters, she will change Lord Milori's rule.

Rosetta: Oh, of course she will.

Iridessa: She'd never want you to be apart.

Silvermist: It's like you found the perfect lost thing.

Tinker Bell: And I'm never going to lose her.

Iridessa: Let's get to work!

Fawn: Just tell us what to do.

Tinker Bell: Great! Okay. We need to place that wheel right here.

IRIDESSA: Got you, Tink.

Tinker Bell: And let's get that propped up over there.

ROSETTA: I feel so tinkery.

Tinker Bell: Clank, Bobble…

Bobble: Wait, wait. Finish up the chassis?

Tinker Bell: Exactly.

Bobble: Come on, Clanky!

Clank: Bobble! Perhaps you and I are brothers! It's possible. We look almost exactly alike.

(She was so happy that her friends were going to help her with her plan. With everyone working together, she just knew everything would turn out perfectly. She had the best friends from Pixie Hollow!)

(And soon her friends would see that she had the best sister in Pixie Hollow, too)

(EXT. BOUNDARY – DAY. All was silent at the border between autumn and winter. Not a single fairy was in sight. Quietly, a rust-colored leaf from autumn and a large snowflake from winter drifted closer to the dividing line. Then the leaf and the snowflake began to glow. It was Tinker Bell and Periwinkle!)

Tinker Bell: Anyone see you?

Periwinkle: No. I can't believe we're doing this!

(The two girls tossed aside their disguises)

Tinker Bell: So, did you bring it?

Periwinkle: Yes. (WHISTLES)

(A moment later, Periwinkle's friends Gliss, Sled, Spike, and Slush came out of hiding. They were holding ropes that were tied securely around a huge block of ice)

Sled: Watch the branch.


Sled: Careful. More to the right.

Spike: For the record, we shouldn't be doing this, whatever it is we're doing.

(But the other fairies seemed more cheerful. They set the heavy block of ice down on the bridge that connected the two seasons)

Sled: As ordered. One big block of ice.

Gliss: Courtesy of our resident glacier fairy.

Slush: Hey.

Periwinkle: So, what do you think?

Tinker Bell: It's perfect! (WHISTLES)

Spike: Uh, are you sure he's not luring you into a trap?

(A moment later, Clank and Bobble rolled out a large contraption on wheels. It was covered with tubes, pulleys, ropes, and spinning fans)

Gliss: Oh! It's one of those...

Spike: Things we shouldn't be doing?

(Clank and Bobble popped out from behind the giant invention)

Bobble: It's a snowmaker!

Clank: It makes snow!

Tinker Bell: Yep, this is your ticket to the warm side of Pixie Hollow.

(Periwinkle couldn't believe it. She was actually going to be able to travel to the warm seasons! She took a step forward but then felt Spike pull her back)

Spike: Wait a second. This is crazy! You don't even know if this thing works!

Clank: (LAUGHS) Oh, it works, all right.

Bobble: Aye, we made it ourselves!

Spike: Of course you did. Just walk away.

Periwinkle: How does it work?

Tinker Bell: Guys?

(Clank moved a lever on the cart and the machine turned around)

Clank: Move this around here.

Bobble: You might want to step aside for this part.

(In a flash, a large claw on the back of the snowmaker lifted the cube of ice)

SLED: Ha! They're serious.

(Clank reeled the ice in. Bobble stepped onto the bike and start pedaling. A sharp grater on the machine began shaving off thin chips from the block. Soon, snowflakes began pouring out of a tube at the top)

Periwinkle: (GASPING) Snow!

Sled: Wow.

Periwinkle: You did it! You actually did it!

(Tinker Bell felt the flurry of snowflakes)

Tinker Bell: Ooh! It's cold. So?

Spike: Hmm.

Gliss: Go, go on.

Slush: Live it, man.

(Cautiously, Periwinkle flew over the border and into the column of snow. She looked unsteady for a moment. But then the cold flakes from the snowmaker swirled around her, making her feel right at home)

Periwinkle: Whoa!

(It was as cold as winter, even though she was on the other side of the border)

CLANK: Welcome, Miss Winkle.

Periwinkle: Thank you.

(Clank adjusted a few levers on the snowmaker)

Clank: All righty! Your tour begins with the Autumn Forest. Next it's a quick stop in Springtime Square. And finally, the Pixie Dust Tree, which, as you know, makes all fairy life possible.

Bobble: Aye, that's where you'll be meeting her majestiness, the queen.

Periwinkle: The queen?

Gliss: They're going to see the queen!

Tinker Bell: She's very wise. And if we tell her we're sisters, she'll change Lord Milori's rule.

Gliss: That is so exciting! Say hi for me, or curtsy, or whatever it is you do.

Periwinkle: Sure.

Gliss: And bring me back an acorn. A big one!

Tinker Bell: After you.

Periwinkle: Thank you. Bye!

(And she headed off with Tink, Clank, and Bobble into the Autumn Forest)

Gliss: (SQUEALS) I can't believe I'm going to get an acorn! Finally! That is so exciting!

(As the friends left, no one noticed a large, snowy owl watching them from high above on a tree branch. The owl waited until the fairies had disappeared. Then with a soft hoot, it quickly took flight to warn Lord Milori of what it had witnessed)

(EXT. THE AUTUMN FOREST – DAY. The warm side of Pixie Hollow amazed Periwinkle. Everything was so different than in the Winter Woods. So lively! Plants grew tall, and trees were covered with thick green leaves. Animals of all shapes, sizes, and colors scampered about. But the best part was seeing the fish. They really did swim in melted ice!)


McClain Sisters: Just when we thought life couldn't get much better

(EXT. PIXIE HOLLOW – DAY. Clank and Bobble kept the snowmaker cranking a steady stream of snowflakes over Periwinkle everywhere she went–even while she floated down the river on a lily pad. As they drifted down the stream, Tinker Bell glanced up the tree branches overhead. Silvermist, Rosetta, Fawn, Iridessa, and Vidia were hiding there)

McClain Sisters: A wish we never knew we made came true

Worlds that were apart have come together

ROSETTA: There she is!

Iridessa: She's so wintery.

McClain Sisters: We'll be friends no matter what the weather

Silvermist: This is so exciting!

Fawn: Wait for the signal.

McClain Sisters: Wait until you see the wondrous things that we can do here with you

(Tinker Bell winked, giving them the signal. It was time to show her sister what the warm-weather fairies could really do)

Fawn: That's it. Operation Periwinkle in effect.

(Silvermist went first. She dipped her hand in the stream and created a water arc above the sisters' heads. When Periwinkle looked up, she was delighted to see fish swimming in a bubble of water right over her)

McClain Sisters: We're on your side

We're on your side

(Rosetta was up next. She flew ahead of Tinker Bell and Periwinkle and made an entire field of flowers burst into bloom. Periwinkle gasped when she saw all the colors)

McClain Sisters: Let's take this ride

Let's take this ride

And together we're facing the world

Doing things nobody's done before

(Then Tinker Bell motioned to Fawn. At a signal from the animal fairy, hundreds of butterflies filled the air)

McClain Sisters: And the great divide

Doesn't seem so wide

Periwinkle: Butterflies!

(Tink's friends all came flying down at once)

Fairies (All): Surprise!

Periwinkle: Oh! Your friends did all this?

Tinker Bell: They wanted to surprise you. Everyone, this is Periwinkle, my sister.

IRIDESSA: This is so exciting.

Silvermist: Oh, wow!

Iridessa: Can you believe it?

Rosetta: Hello. It is nice to meet you. I am Rosetta. This is…

Vidia: Ro, she's a winter fairy. She's not from the moon.

Rosetta: Oh, right. I know, I know. I'm just so excited!

Periwinkle: It’s great to meet all of you.

Silvermist: This is so remarkable! You two are sisters!

Vidia: Yeah. A little fairy-to-fairy advice. Tink can be tricky to get along with at times.

Tinker Bell: Yeah. Look who's talking?

Fawn: We can't believe you're over here!

Iridessa: So… Are you cold enough?

Periwinkle: Oh, yeah. It's perfect.

(She did a little spin inside her cone of snow. Oops)

Periwinkle: Oh! (CHUCKLES)

(She went back into the cone of snow)

Fairies (All): Aw!

Rosetta: Oh, I nearly forget. This is for you. It's called a periwinkle also.

(She handed the winter fairy a delicate blue flower)

Periwinkle: Thank you. I'll keep it forever.

(She waved her hand across the flower and instantly it was encased in a thin layer of frost. The warm-weather fairies were amazed)

Rosetta: Look at that!

Tinker Bell: It's frost. She and her friends practice in the Frost Forest. You should see it!

Periwinkle: Oh, you should see Tink on ice skates. (CHUCKLES) She's a natural.

Tinker Bell: It's only because you had that lost thing.

Vidia: Uh, she collects lost things, too?

Tinker Bell & Periwinkle (Both): Yeah!

SILVERMIST: You guys are so alike.

(They couldn't believe Tinker Bell actually had a sister)

Tinker Bell: I know. Even our wings are identical. That's why they sparkle. Let's show them.

(Suddenly, the frost fairy sank to the ground. The fairies notice Periwinkle's wings slowly beginning to droop)

Periwinkle: I don't feel so…

Tinker Bell: Oh! Periwinkle!

(She rushed to her sister's side)

FAWN: Is she all right?

Rosetta: I think she's getting a little too hot.

Periwinkle: My wings... I can't feel them.

(The frost fairy's wings were beginning to wilt!)

Periwinkle: I think they're too warm.

(Bobble looked up at the snowmaker. He was pedaling quickly to keep the snow coming. But he realized that the snowflakes were starting to dwindle)

Bobble: Oh, the snowmaker!

(Clank checked the back of the snowmaker. The cube of ice is melting!)

Clank: It's running out of ice!

Fawn: We have to get her back to the border!

Periwinkle: Tink, what about the queen?

Tinker Bell: There's no time. Clank, grab some ice. We'll wrap her wings.

(Everyone sprang into action, scraping up fallen snow to surround Peri's drooping wings)

Tinker Bell: Be careful. Gentle. Easy.

(They wrapped and tie it up in leaf wrappers)

Tinker Bell: Okay. Let's go. Hurry!

(EXT. THE AUTUMN FOREST – MOMENTS LATER. Together, they all pushed the snowmaker toward the border)

CLANK: All together. All together.

ROSETTA: All together.


(Silvermist and Clank push the back of the machine. Iridessa pushes the left side of the machine)

Iridessa: Come on! We can do this!

(Tink's friends pushes the snowmaker down the road. Fawn pushes the melting ice cube against the grater)

Fawn: Hurry!

(Bobble pedals as fast as his legs could go but the snowflakes are dwindling faster)

Bobble: Go, go, go!

(Tinker Bell and Vidia carry Periwinkle and fly as fast as Bobble can pedal)

Tinker Bell: Hold on. We're almost there.

(She turned to Periwinkle. But her heart sank when she saw the strained look on Periwinkle's face. They were running out of time)

BOBBLE: Hurry! It's nearly out of ice!

TINKER BELL: Not much further.

(Lord Milori was waiting with his snowy owl from above)

(EXT. BOUNDARY – DAY. As the machine used a last bit of ice and the snowflakes stopped coming...)

Tinker Bell: Don't worry. We're almost there.

Vidia: We're going to make it. We're going to make it!

(Tinker Bell and Vidia tumbled back with Periwinkle across the border. The winter fairy fell to the ground in the minute they crossed the bridge. Periwinkle is too weak to even stand)

Tinker Bell: Let me help you.

(Tinker Bell helped unwrap her sister's wings. When the snow fell away, Tinker Bell's hands flew to her mouth. Instead of being iridescent and sparkling, Periwinkle's wings were brown and wilted)

Tinker Bell: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

(Just then, the fairies caught sight of Lord Milori as he hurried toward the injured frost fairy)

Tinker Bell: Please, can you help her?

Vidia: Tink.

(It was getting too cold for them. Vidia quickly pulled Tinker Bell back across the bridge to safety)

(Lord Milori knelt down beside Periwinkle and placed his hands on her shoulders. His face was filled with concern)

Lord Milori: Gently. Lift your wings. Let the cold surround them.

(Slowly, Periwinkle raised her wings. Little by little, as the cold air swirled around her, Peri's wings began to regain their shimmer and color. She tried to flutter them, and sighed with relief when they worked)

Tinker Bell: You're okay. Your wings are okay.

Periwinkle: Yeah. Yeah.

Lord Milori: This is why we do not cross the border.

Periwinkle: No, it could've worked! We just needed a bigger piece of ice.

Lord Milori: And when that was gone? Your wings could have broken.

Periwinkle: But they didn't. I'm fine.

(She pointed to Tinker Bell and her friends on the other side of the bridge)

Periwinkle: Thanks to them.

(Lord Milori looked at Tinker Bell and the other warm-weather fairies. His expression grew harder)

Lord Milori: The rule is there to protect you. I'm sorry. You two may never see each other again.

(He stood to leave)

Periwinkle: Please don't do this. We really belong together.

Tinker Bell: We're sisters. We were born of the same laugh.

(At this, Lord Milori paused. Then he looked back)

Lord Milori: All the more reason you should want to keep each other safe. Return home.

(A tear escaped from Periwinkle's eye. How could the best day of her life be ending so horribly?)

Vidia: Come on, Tink. Let's go home.

(But Tinker Bell felt angry and hurt)

Tinker Bell: No!

(He glared at Lord Milori)

Tinker Bell: Lord Milori, your rule will not keep us apart.


(Tink turned. It was Queen Clarion who is standing a short distance away)

Queen Clarion: This is not Lord Milori's rule. It's mine.

Tinker Bell: Queen Clarion?

(She couldn't believe that her own queen was keeping her from his sister)

Queen Clarion: I'm sorry.

(Tinker Bell and Periwinkle looked at one another across the bridge. Their plan to be together was falling apart)

Lord Milori: You should get deeper into the cold. Back to the north side of the mountain.

(But Periwinkle couldn't bear it. She rushed to the edge of the bridge and threw her arms around her sister. They had been so happy together during the day, and now they weren't sure if they'd ever see each other again. Periwinkle squeezed her sister tight, and they hugged for a long while. Then Periwinkle flew away. Tinker Bell watched her go. With slumped shoulders, she followed her friends back into the Autumn Forest)

(Queen Clarion and Lord Milori were left alone on the bridge. The queen looked up at him, and her eyes grew sad. She turned to fly away)

(Without a word, Lord Milori mounted his owl and rose high into the air. But before he headed deeper into winter, he steered his owl to swoop down and knock the snowmaker off the bridge. The machine tumbled into the riverbed below. He wanted to be certain that no fairy would ever try such a dangerous stunt again)

(His owl flapped its wings, and they flew off into the cold. As the Lord Milori disappeared over the horizon, he didn't see the machine land next to a waterfall at the bottom of the riverbed. One by one, large chunks of ice began to feed into the grater. And little by little, the ice turned into frosty snowflakes that quietly blew across the border and into the Autumn Forest)

(INT. LIBRARY, THE HALL OF WINTER – DAY. The Keeper was in the library, trying hard to keep his focus)

DEWEY: Speaking of sparkling, we can conclude that it spreads in a spiral and circles the center. Oh!

(He was supposed to be writing, but he was distracted. He put down his pen and glanced at an open door a short distance away. Periwinkle had been inside that room for most of the day. He went over and poked his head in to check on her)

(INT. VAST HALL, THE HALL OF WINTER – DAY. She was sitting in the middle of the large snowflake, mesmerized by the images projected on the icy walls. Again and again, she watched the story of how she and Tinker Bell had been born)

Tinker Bell: Hello.

Periwinkle: Hello.

(Just then, Lord Milori walked past Dewey and up to the edge of the snowflake)


(Periwinkle turned to him, her eyes filled with tears. Dewey ducked out of the room. He hoped that Lord Milori would be able to comfort the young frost fairy)

(INT. THE QUEEN'S CHAMBERS, PIXIE DUST TREE – DAY. At the same time, on the warm side of Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell was with Queen Clarion in her chambers)

Tinker Bell: Queen Clarion. Why?

Queen Clarion: Tinker Bell... Long ago, when Pixie Hollow was very young, two fairies met and fell in love. One of them was a winter fairy...

(INT. VAST HALL, THE HALL OF WINTER – DAY. Lord Milori was telling Periwinkle the same tale)

Lord Milori: ...and the other was from the warm seasons. The two fairies were enchanted with each other, and every sunset, they met at the border...

Queen Clarion: …where spring touches winter. But as their love grew stronger, they wished to be together...

Lord Milori: ...and share each other's worlds. So they disregarded the danger and crossed.

Queen Clarion: One of them broke a wing. For which there is no cure.

Lord Milori: From that day forward, Queen Clarion decreed that fairies must never again cross the border. And I agreed that our two worlds should forever remain apart.

(Periwinkle wiped a tear from her cheek)

Periwinkle: And the two fairies?


Tinker Bell: What happened to them?

Queen Clarion: They had to say goodbye.

(Tinker Bell's shoulders slumped. It was no use. She would never see her sister again. Quietly, she walked over to a large window in queen's chambers. As she looked outside, she saw a tiny snowflake fall down from the sky. She drew in a sharp breath)

(Oh, no, she thought)

(EXT. THE AUTUMN FOREST – DAY. In the flash, Queen Clarion and Tinker Bell raced through the Autumn Forest on their jet packs. Other fairies followed, including Fawn, Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist, Vidia, and the seasons' ministers. Snowflakes were falling rapidly now)

Iridessa: We saw the snow.

Minister of Summer: Queen Clarion, something's wrong!

Minister of Autumn: The temperature, it seems to be plummeting!

Minister of Summer: The hibiscuses are halfway to hibernation!

Queen Clarion: Now, now, ministers, let's not panic.

Minister of Spring: Absolutely right. (SCREAMS) Snow!

(They reached the top of a steep hill near the border and looked into the distance. They couldn't believe their eyes. Snow was billowing up into the sky from the edge of the border, and it was beginning to blanket the warm seasons of Pixie Hollow. Just then, Tinker Bell heard Clank and Bobble)

BOBBLE: Heave!


Bobble: Heave!

Clank: Ho!

(They were struggling down below in the riverbed by the border. She flew toward the sound of their voices and found them on a ledge near an icy waterfall. They were trying to move the snowmaker)

Bobble: Put your muscle into it, Clanky!

Clank: I'm trying, Bobble!

Bobble: Heave!

Clank: Ho!

Tinker Bell: What happened? How did this get here?

(The last time she'd see the snowmaker; it had been on the bridge)

Clank: I don't know, Miss Bell, but it's stuck real good!

Bobble: Aye, and it's making that thing bigger by the minute!

(Bobble pointed to the mound of snow piling high into the sky. Tinker Bell turned to Rosetta and the rest of her friends)

Tinker Bell: Guys, down here!

Rosetta: Come on!

Bobble: Got it!

(The fairies flew to help move the snowmaker)

TINKER BELL: Okay, push!

(With all their might, the fairies pushed and shoved)

Clank: All together. All together! Upsy-daisy.

(Finally, the machine broke free. It tumbled deeper into the riverbed and splashed into the water)

BOBBLE: We did it!


Clank: We did it!

Tinker Bell: It's over.

Vidia: Uh, I don't think it is.

(Vidia pointed up at the sky. Though the machine was gone, the snow was still coming down. A cold breeze ruffled the fairies' bodies and sent chills to the tip of their wings)

QUEEN CLARION: Oh, my goodness. The seasons have been thrown out of balance.

MINISTER OF SPRING: But if the temperatures continue to drop, it will freeze all of Pixie Hollow.

(All the fairies looked to Queen Clarion for guidance. But she remained silent. Just then, a sharp crack behind them grabbed their attention. The fairies watched as a large, frozen tree branch broke and fell to the ground)

Queen Clarion: Oh, no.

Minister of Autumn: Queen Clarion, the Pixie Dust Tree.

(The queen's eyes grew wide. Immediately, she flew high into the sky and gazed at the Pixie Dust Tree in the center of Pixie Hollow)

Queen Clarion: We must hope the tree survives. Otherwise there will be no more pixie dust. Life in Pixie Hollow will change forever. And no fairy will ever fly again.

(The fairies all gasped, picturing life without the Pixie Dust Tree. The queen motioned to the fairies)

Queen Clarion: Hurry. We must do everything we can.

(EXT. PIXIE HOLLOW – DAY. Everyone in Pixie Hollow began to prepare for the coming freeze. The fairies needed to make sure that they and all the animals would be able to stay warm until the cold had passed)

Bobble: Grab as many as you can and head for the Pixie Dust Tree!

(Over by Havendish Stream, Fawn escorted a group of frogs into an empty log and patted it closed with moss)

Fawn: Hurry, guys! This way! Hop to it! That's it!

(Iridessa took an armful of fireflies and placed them in a sunflower, which Rosetta closed up around them)

Iridessa: Snug as a bug.

(Silvermist is directing the slugs)

Silvermist: Come on, that's it. Just a little faster.

(EXT. PIXIE DUST TREE – DAY. Meanwhile, Fairy Mary was directing the tinker fairies to pile moss onto the Pixie Dust Tree)

FAIRY MARY: That's it, fairies. Lay the blankets along the branches, as many as you can! We must protect the tree!

(Clank and Bobble saw Tinker Bell pass)

Clank: Miss Bell!

Bobble: Tink! Do you need any help?

Tinker Bell: No! This is my last run! I'll meet you in the tree!

(INT. TINKER BELL'S TEACUP HOUSE – DAY. Tinker Bell was helping several pillbugs keep cozy)

Tinker Bell: (SIGHS) Everybody okay? Great. There you go. Nice and toasty. You guys just stay here and keep warm. Everything's going to be... Fine.

(Suddenly, a twinkle from the corner caught Tinker Bell's eye. She turned to see Periwinkle's frosted blue flower resting on her table. Rosetta must have brought it to her house after they had taken Periwinkle back to the Winter Woods. Tink flew over to examine the flower. Part of the frost casing had broken away. She couldn't believe what she saw. The flower's petal stretched wide in full bloom)

Tinker Bell: It's still alive.

(Slowly, an idea began began to form in her mind. If the frost had helped keep the flower alive, then maybe...)

(Tink looked out the window, in the direction of the Winter Woods)

Tinker Bell: Peri.

(EXT. THE WINTER WOODS – DAY. Periwinkle raced through the Winter Woods ahead of Dewey. The elderly fairy was doing his best to keep up with her, but the blustery wind was strong and made it difficult for him to fly)

Periwinkle: Dewey, you've got to see this. There must be something wrong with the Pixie Dust Tree.

Dewey: Now don't worry… (EXCLAIMS)

Periwinkle: Whoa! Careful.

Dewey: I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

(As they reached the place where Periwinkle was taking him, he stopped short)

Dewey: Oh! Oh, dear.

(Periwinkle joined her friends Gliss and Spike at the edge of the Pixie Dust Well. Normally, there would be a steady stream of pixie dust flowing from the root above it. But there was no flow of pixie dust now. There was nothing–not even a trickle. Dewey examined the hollow root and tapped his cane on it. One last speck of dust fell into his palm. He furrowed his brow)

Dewey: Okay, you might want to worry just a little bit.

(At that moment, Periwinkle's wings began sparkling)

Periwinkle: Tink?

(Periwinkle flew up and looked out over the white landscape. On the horizon, racing straight toward them was Tinker Bell! She was carrying her winter coat so that her wings were exposed and she could fly. But they were quickly icing over)

Tinker Bell: Periwinkle!

(She fought against the freezing gusts that whipped past her. There was no time to lose. Tink had to reach her sister. All of Pixie Hollow was counting on her! But the cold was just too strong. Before she could get there, Tinker Bell fell to the ground in a heap. Meanwhile, Tink lifted her head from the snow. Something was wrong. She looked back at her wings. They had turned ice blue! Periwinkle, Dewey, and her friends rushed to where Tink had fallen. Quickly, she hid them under her coat so Periwinkle wouldn't see how cold they had become)

Periwinkle: Tinker Bell! Are you okay? Why would you fly here?

Tinker Bell: I had to.

Periwinkle: Your jacket. Put on your jacket.

Tinker Bell: Pixie Hollow's in trouble. There's a freeze moving in, and the Pixie Dust Tree is in danger.

Dewey: Oh, that explains it.

Periwinkle: The pixie dust here, it already stopped flowing.

Tinker Bell: I think there's something you can do.

(Tink handed them the blue periwinkle flower she'd brought with her)

Tinker Bell: Your frost, it kept the flower alive.

Gliss: Oh! Oh! Oh! Frost does that. It's like a little blanket. It tucks the warm air inside and keeps out the cold.

Periwinkle: We could frost the Pixie Dust Tree before the freeze hits it.

(Tinker Bell smiled. She had known that her sister would understand. But Spike seemed doubtful)

Spike: Uh, one question. What about our wings?

Dewey: If it's a freeze, it will be cold enough to cross…

(The fairies all looked at one another)

Spike: Then what are we waiting for?

(EXT. THE WINTER WOODS – MOMENTS LATER. Minutes later, the fairies were flying back across the border. Fiona carried Tinker Bell, while the winter fairies zoomed overhead)

Tinker Bell: We're almost to the border!

(As they passed through to the Autumn Forest, they all stared in shock)

Periwinkle: The Autumn Woods.

(Tinker Bell gazes at the frozen landscape)

TINKER BELL: The freeze. It's moving so fast. Come on! We have to get to the tree!

(EXT. PIXIE DUST TREE – DAY. Back at the center of Pixie Hollow, Queen Clarion, Fairy Mary, Clank, Bobble, Fairy Mary, and all the fairies were hard at work trying to protect the tree)

Bobble: That's it, Clanky.

(They passed thick, mossy blankets to one another and carefully laid them along the branches. But for every blanket they put in place, the cold wind whipped another one off)

Clank: Queen Clarion, it's not working.

Bobble: The wind, it's too strong!

(The queen's face was etched with worry. Suddenly, they heard a growl behind them. Everyone turned and watched in disbelief as Tink, Peri, Gliss, and Spike rode up to them on Fiona's back)

Queen Clarion: Tinker Bell.

Tinker Bell: Queen Clarion! They can help.

Periwinkle: Our frost, it covers like a blanket. It can protect the tree.

(Queen Clarion studied Tinker Bell's face for a moment. Then she turned to Periwinkle, Gliss, and Spike)

Queen Clarion: Do it.

(The warm-weather fairies all watched hopefully as Peri and her friends flitted from branch to branch and began frosting the tree as quickly as they could. But the freeze was advancing fast)

Fawn: It's getting colder.

Tinker Bell: Let's hand out the blankets. They'll keep us warm! Hurry, Peri. Hurry!

(They began distributing blankets to all the warm-weather fairies. One by one, everyone began hurrying inside the Pixie Dust Tree. It would be warm and safe in there until the freeze passed)

(Meanwhile, up above, Periwinkle, Gliss, and Spike were growing tired)

Tinker Bell: That's it. There you go! Make sure to cover your wings!

Spike: The tree! It's too big. We're never going to make it.

(It was getting closer by the minute)

Periwinkle: I'm sorry.

(Just then, far off in the distance, an owl screeched. Everyone turned toward the sound. Lord Milori was flying in on his majestic snowy owl! Beside him, Dewey was perched on the back of the young owl that had first carried Tinker Bell into the Winter Woods)

Dewey: Whoopsie! Ha!

(And together, they were leading an entire squadron of winter fairies toward the Pixie Dust Tree! There were hundreds of them)

Periwinkle: Lord Milori.

Lord Milori: We've come to help.

Dewey: Now, you didn't think I was going to let you do this all by yourself, now did you?

Periwinkle: The tree should be our top priority. But any fairy we can spare should try to frost the other seasons.

(Lord Milori faced the army of winter fairies)

Lord Milori: Start at the freeze line and spread out to spring and summer. The rest of you, cover the tree!

(Instantly, the winter fairies sprang into action. Lord Milori directed the fairies blanketing the Pixie Dust Tree from atop his owl)

FAIRY MARY: Oh, my goodness.

Clank: Look, Bobble! The snowy owls!

(The blanket blew away from Rosetta)

Rosetta: Ah!

Sled grabbed the blanket and give it to Rosetta)

Rosetta: Thank you.

Sled: Stay warm.

(Then he flew off to join the other winter fairies)

Rosetta: Oh.

(Sled led a group)

Sled: Now!

(The frost fairies to frost the meadows and fields. Soon, all of Pixie Hollow was a glittering landscape of frost. When the last branch was covered, Lord Milori swooped down to the ground)

Lord Milori: We've done all we can. Join the others.

(He looked at Tink and her friends)

Lord Milori: The freeze is upon us. You must take cover.

(The warm-weather fairies hurried inside the tree, out of the cold. Periwinkle looked at Tinker Bell)

Periwinkle: Oh, I hope it works.

CLANK: Tink!

(Tinker Bell went to join the others. But Queen Clarion remained outside a minute longer. She looked at Lord Milori and shivered)

Queen Clarion: Will everything be all right?

(Lord Milori gazed at the queen for a long time)

Lord Milori: I don't know. I've never seen anything like this.

(Queen Clarion shivered again. Lord Milori took off his cloak and gently placed it around her shoulders)

Queen Clarion: Thank you, Milori.

Lord Milori: Please, take cover.

(Before she left, the queen stole one more glance at the Lord of Winter. When her old friend turned, she could see his broken right wing. The legend that she had told Tinker Bell was in fact the story of her love for Lord Milori. Without another word, she joined the others in the depths of the Pixie Dust Tree to wait for the freeze to arrive)

Lord Milori: Winter fairies, stand guard.

(Lord Milori and the winter fairies stood watch as the freeze took hold of Pixie Hollow. Arctic winds swept across the glades, and icy cold enveloped the fairy world. Deep inside the Pixie Dust Tree, Tinker Bell and her friends huddled together for warmth. They couldn't see the frozen world outside, but they could hear the howling winds and feel the giant tree creaking and swaying around them.)

(After a long, long while, Tinker Bell finally saw a beam of light shining in through a knothole in the tree. She peered out of her hiding place and gasped. Everything was covered in snow and ice! But the sun was shining brightly)

(Cautiously, all the fairies began to emerge from the tree. Periwinkle flew over to join Tinker Bell, and one by one, the fairies moved toward the Pixie Dust Well. They gazed in silence at the frozen stream of pixie dust that had stopped in midflow over the pool. Everyone held their breath. Had their plan worked? Was the tree saved?)

(Very slowly, the sun began to melt the ice. The pixie dust began to flow!)

(Everyone burst into loud cheers. Some fairies wiped tears of joy from their eyes)

Bobble: What a beautiful sight.

(Periwinkle turned to her sister, and a wide grin broke over her face

Periwinkle: It worked! It worked, Tinker Bell.

Silvermist: Oh, thank goodness!

(Fairies flew high into the air, celebrating)

Tinker Bell: We did it.

(EXT. PIXIE DUST WELL, THE WINTER WOODS – DAY. Slush is left behind, meditating at the hollow root until he heard a rumble. He looked up. Pixie dust came out and pushed him off the hollow root. Slush surfs on the flow of pixie dust. He rose up and saw that the pixie dust is flowing again)

Slush: Oh!

(EXT. PIXIE DUST TREE – DAY. The fairies were safe, even Queen Clarion, Lord Milori, and Dewey. Their frost had saved Pixie Hollow! Terence scoops his hands into the pixie dust)

CLANK: Come on, everyone!

(Then Periwinkle looked down)

Periwinkle: Tink! Come on!

(Tinker Bell was still standing on the branch below)

Periwinkle: Tink? What's wrong?

(Tinker Bell smiled sadly at Periwinkle. Then she turned around so her sister could see her wings. One of them was broken).

Periwinkle: (GASPS) Oh!

(Periwinkle remembered how Tinker Bell had flown to get the winter fairies)

Periwinkle: When you flew to winter, that's why you fell.

Queen Clarion: Oh, no.

Fairy Mary: Oh, Tinker Bell.

Periwinkle: Tink... Why didn't you tell me?

Tinker Bell: We had to save the tree. Besides, there's no cure for a broken wing.

Periwinkle: I'm so sorry.

(She hugged her tight. All of Tinker Bell's friends watched them sadly. They bowed down)

(Lord Milori stepped forward)

Lord Milori: This happened because we tried to keep you apart.

QUEEN CLARION: But never again. You belong together.

(Dewey was standing nearby. Tears began to form in his eyes as he watched the sisters)

(Tinker Bell looked up)

TINKER BELL: It's getting warmer.

(She is feeling the growing strength of the sun)

Tinker Bell: You should get back to winter.

Periwinkle: Yeah.

(But she couldn't let go. She turns to leave. She turns around and looked at her)

Tinker Bell: Hey. I'll be okay. I'll meet you tomorrow at the border. Sisters?

Periwinkle: Sisters.

(She put her wings up to Tinker Bell's, and gently, the swirling patterns in each of their wings began to glow)

(Then something unexpected happened. A surge of energy rushed between their wings, like a spark. Quickly, the sisters stepped apart)

Tinker Bell & Periwinkle (Both): Jingles! (BOTH LAUGH)

(But Tinker Bell felt a tingling in her broken wing. Both sisters watched in awe as a sparkling light began to dance around the torn edges. They looked at one another. Then with a deep breath, they turned wing to wing once more)

(The moment they touched, the sisters' wings burst into a brilliant ball of energy! It was so bright that the two fairies had to shield their eyes from the glow. The light shone high into the sky, reflecting off the melting ice and snow. When the sparkling finally faded, everyone stared in awe)

(Tinker Bell's wing was healed!)

Dewey: That's a new chapter.

(Before she could even hug her sister, Tink's friends bombarded her. They cheered and cried. Tinker Bell was safe–her sister had healed her!)

Fairies: Okay, that was amazing./Miss Bell, you are fantastic!

(Queen Clarion and Lord Milori watched happily. The Lord of Winter reached out, took the queen's hand, and gently kissed her)

Fairy Mary: Oh! Queen Clarion!

Dewey: I didn't know they were going to do the smoochy, smoochity. Guess they're telling people now.

(Dewey smiled as the friends, old and new, rejoiced. He would have much more to write about in his books when he returned home)

(EXT. BOUNDARY – DAY. A few days later, winter fairies took turns frosting warm-weather fairies' wings. Now that they knew the secret of how to cross over into the cold without getting their wings frozen, the warm-weather fairies couldn't wait to get their first taste of winter!)


(Fairy Mary was very nervous. Though she was dressed in warm clothing, she was still unsure about crossing over)

Fairy Mary: (to Clank and Bobble) Uh, maybe you should go first.

Receptionist: (CLEARS THROAT) Next.

Fairy Mary: Ugh! All right.

(Fairy Mary took a deep breath and lifted her wings to be frosted)

Fairy Mary: Ooh! Would you look at that?

(As the cold hit her, she squealed. Then a smile spread across her face)

Fairy Mary: Oh! Ooh! That feels good.

(EXT. THE WINTER WOODS – DAY. All over the Winter Woods, warm-weather fairies were discovering the beauty of winter. New friendships were also blooming. Queen Clarion and Lord Milori were gliding across the ice, hand in hand. After so many years of being apart, they were thrilled to be reunited. The bunny played with the winter fairy)

Winter Fairy: Look out! Runaway bunny!

(The bunny ran into Fawn. She laughed and then petted him)

Winter Fairy: Sorry.

Fawn: It's okay. Hey, little buddy.

(Dewey wrote: FROM DEWEY. The fairy with glasses stood next to him)

Reading Fairy: From Dewey?

Dewey: It's what my friends call me. (CHUCKLES)

Reading Fairy: Wow! (STUTTERING) I love your work. I have so many questions for you.

Dewey: Okay, you can let go of my hand now.

(Rosetta was just admiring her reflection in a big block of ice when Sled flew up beside her. He had noticed her earlier and wanted to introduce himself)

Sled: Hi.

Rosetta: (GASPS) Hello there.

Sled: I'm Sled.

Rosetta: Oh, my. That's perfect! Oh! I'm Rosetta.

Sled: Rosetta. That's beautiful.

(He took her hand, and together they went to join their friends by the skating pond)

Rosetta: Oh, my.

(Meanwhile, Clank and Bobble had a very special delivery)

Bobble: Oh, Miss Gliss!

(Gliss had been standing near the skating pond, chattering with Spike and Vidia. When she turned around, her eyes grew wide. Clank and Bobble were carrying an enormous acorn!)

Gliss: An acorn!

Bobble: Biggest one we could find.

Gliss: I love it!

Spike: She likes acorns.

Vidia: Must be a winter thing.

Spike: Not really.

(And over by the border, Periwinkle was smiling as she watched the fairies cross over one by one. Suddenly, her wings began to sparkle)

Periwinkle: Tink.

(Periwinkle flew to meet her sister as she entered the Winter Woods)

Tinker Bell: You ready?

Periwinkle: Ready.

(At the same time, the sisters whistled. Instantly, a large flock of snowy owls burst into the sky. They released snowflakes and periwinkle flowers from baskets they were carrying. All the fairies (including Iridessa, Fawn, Vidia, Spike, Gliss, Silvermist, Clank, Bobble, Rosetta, Sled, Dewey, the fairy with glasses, Fairy Mary, Queen Clarion, and Lord Milori) gazed up in wonder at the incredible sight)

Fairy Mary: Ooh! Lovely!

(Tink and Periwinkle smiled at one another. It was beautiful, but not nearly as magical as the secret of their wings. The two fairies had discovered that the bond of sisterhood was the greatest magic of all. And they knew they would never be apart again. Later, Clank was sitting on what looked like an edge of snow with Slush)

Clank: So, is it true that glaciers are stealthy?

Slush: You're sitting on one now, man.

(And he was right. He and Clank were actually on a glacier. It was steathly enough for Clank to not notice at first. Well, at least he's enjoying his time since he was overcoming his fear of glaciers with Slush's help)

Clank: (LAUGHING) Sneaky glacier.