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Scribble is a scribe sparrowman who works in the library, and is incredibly nerdy and speaks with a lisp. He has a crush on Nyx.

Throughout the Movies

In Secret of the Wings (film), when Tinker Bell visits the library to find Wingology and she ask about the sparkling wings he replied he doesn’t know because of the bookworms, one of which are the page. He adds that the Keeper of the Fairy Knowledge does know, but that he is in winter, so Tink cannot know her; unbeknownst to him, Tink ends up going to winter anyway.

In Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (film), Scribble is first shown with Queen Clarion in the Pixie Dust Tree's Library inside the Pixie Dust Tree. He is showing her his findings about the green comet when the hawks arrive outside. He is next shown in the library when Nyx arrives after chasing the Neverbeast while researching it, and is instantly struck by Nyx’s beauty and throughout their interaction attempts to impress her, to her visible chagrin, although it’s implied she appreciated the thought. Lastly, he is shown towards the end of the movie, taking shelter beneath his books when the green lightning is striking around him, muttering to himself that “at least [he] loved once” which was likely about Nyx.