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Scouts in air

Scouting-talent fairies are Never Fairies who are the protectors of Pixie Hollow from different kinds of danger such as dangerous predators like hawks and wasps. Nyx is the head of all scout-talents, and these fairies live in Scout HQ.

This guild's symbol is a fairy-sized dark green leaf[1] and they wear outfits of brown shades with leafy belts/colors with striped boots as well sleeves with black wrist gloves. At the center of their chest, there is a leaf-shaped crest in all uniforms of Scouting-talents.[2]

They differ between the movies; in the original, all scouting fairies were sparrowmen (males) and worked in the Lookout Towers. Despite Tinker Bell being a female, the scouting-talent guild symbol (at the time a dark leaf) still showed up in the mushroom pedestal at her Talent Choosing Ceremony. In the franchise's latest movie they were all female, Nyx was the head of their talent guild and they lived in Scout HQ under her authority and supervision.


Scouting-talent guild's symbol

Scouting-talent guild's symbol as seen in Tinker Bell (2008) film

"Scouts are among the bravest of all fairies. They are responsible for staying on the lookout for predators and warning other fairies if one is near. They may even risk their own lives to keep a fellow fairy from harm.
The scout's sharp eyesight rivals that of a hawk. They wear clothing that helps them blend into their hiding places, though sparrowmen and fairies were different uniforms. They have also learned to dim their glows to keep from being spotted. Although they carry quivers of arrows made from saw grass or porcupine quills, they only shoot in self-defense or to protect other fairies.
Using slivers of bluegrass between their thumbs, scouts relay message to each other over distances farther than their voices can carry. Three quick shrills indicate a circling hawk; one long shrill means all is well." - from In the Realm of the Never Fairies.


Known Scouting-talents


Tinker-talent Crown-repairing-talentPots-and-pans-talentScrap-metal-recovery-talentScrap-metal-sorting-talentBasket-weaving-talentBoat-making-talentCarpenting-talentChair-talentDoorknob-talentGrass-weaving-talentKey-hole-design-talentMasonry-talentWeaving-talentPebble-talent
Water-talent Bath-drawing-talent
Animal-talent Ant-herding-talentButterfly-herding-talentCaterpillar-shearing-talentCricket-whistling-talentAphid-wrangling-talent
Garden-talent Flower-talentFern-spotting-talentFruit-talentRice-growing-talentTree-tending-talentHarvest-talentHole-digging-talentAutumn-talentLeaf-talentTree-picking-talentFruit-stomping-talentTreebark-grading-talent
Light-talent Star-counting-talentRainbow-creating-talent
Fast-flying-talent Message-talentSummoning-talent
Dust-talent Pixie Dust Alchemy-Talent
Storytelling-talent Tall-tale-telling-talentActing-talentMusic-talentSinging-talentPerforming-talent
Winter-talent Frost-talentSnowflake-talentGlacier-talentWinter Animal-talent
Scouting-talent Far-listening-talentFar-seeing-talent
Weather-talent Storm-talent
Art-talent Glass-blowing-talentPainting-talentScuplting-talentDyeing-talentStone-polishing-talentPolishing-talent
Kitchen-talent Baking-talentBread-buttering-talentEgg-collecting-talentKnowing-when-a-plate-is-done-talentLarder-talentOlive-pressing-talentPea-shelling-talentPretzel-twisting-talentSalt-sifting-talentStove-to-plate-transfer-talentTea-making-talentHole-in-cheese-punching-talentCooking-talent
Helper-talent Problem-solving-talentPlanning-talentServing-TalentSand-Sorting-TalentTable-Setting-TalentCelebration-setup-talentDandelion-fluff-sorting-talent
Sewing-talent Measuring-talentShoe-making-talentLace-making-talentShoe-shining-talent
Healing-talent Nursing-talent