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Stop by Schelly's today and have her comb your Fairy locks into something fabulous...
Marina, in an article of the Never News[1]

Schelly's Shears

Schelly's Shears is a shop located in Palm Tree Cove. It functions as a hair salon for both fairies and sparrowmen alike.

The lead hair stylist (and owner) is Schelly.


Never Fairies can visit Schelly's and change their hair in the following ways:

Sweet Pea at Schelly's Shears

Sweet Pea with highlights in her hair

  • Change their hair front (length, shape, etc.)
  • Change their hair back (length, shape, etc.)
  • Dye their hair's main color
  • Dye some highlights onto their hair

In order to get your hair styled, pixies must either have a Membership to pay with ingredients, or they must pay with Pixie Diamonds.


The haircuts that fairies are able to choose from are divided into two categories:


The known hair stylists at Schelly's Services are:

  • Schelly
    • Although never directly stated, Marina heavily implies that Schelly is the one behind creating new dyes. [2] However, as she is the salon's owner, it is likely she creates both new dyes and new haircuts [3]
Florabelle the Hair-Styling Talent


Tundra Blue Hair Dye

Tundra Blue

  • The dye "Tundra Blue" was turned into a shade of hair dye after winning a poll [7]
  • Many new hairstyles were created as apart of celebrating holidays, such as Great Games Day
  • Hightlights were added to the game in order to celebrate Art Month[8]



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