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Hi there honey! Come on in and relax- I'll help you find the perfect hairstyle! And maybe we can gossip a bit while you're here! Tee hee![1]
— Schelly

Schelly is a shopkeeper in Pixie Hollow Online. She runs Schelly's Shears located in Palm Tree Cove.

She is a very famous Hair-styling-talent, credited with creating a majority of the hairstyles & hair dyes available in her Salon.

She is also the one who figured out how to give Never Fairies highlights in their hair. [2]

When she isn't coming up with new hair styling techniques, Schelly loves to gossip.



  • Although she typically creates the hair dye featured in her salon herself, she once worked with Silvermist and Iridessa to create new shades of blue and green. [3]