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Greetings! Tinker Bell, is it? I am Rune, a storytelling-talent fairy. I tell tales to delight all fairies!
— Rune[src]

Rune is a storytelling-talent sparrowman who appears only in the Disney Fairies Games. He can be found in Sunray Plaza in the middle of Midsummer Hills. He will sometimes ask Tinker Bell to do a delivery quest for him. Rune tells you a chapter of a story every day, which is chosen at random, and even some special stories for festivals and your Arrival Day.


"Jolly, talkative story-teller Rune will tell tales to just about anyone who wants to listen. Sometimes he'll even tell them to himself if no one else is around. He travels near and far throughout Never Land, and is always looking for stories to spin."

Game Data[]

Likes: White Feather and White Shell

Dislikes: Sour Plum

When Rune takes an accessory from Tink’s Shop, there’s a possibility he may give a Green Ginger.



  • Tinker Bell! Good day to you.
  • Fine afternoon, isn’t it?
  • Good afternoon, story-listener!
  • Ah, it is quite a treat indeed to see you again this afternoon, Tinker Bell!
  • Nice to fly with you this evening, Tinker Bell!
  • Tinker Bell! I’m thrilled you decided to stop by again before the end of the day.
  • Tink, I’m glad you’re back! I almost had to make up a story about your disappearance…


  • I spin tales to entertain all fairies!
  • I try to make my stories entertaining for fairies of all kinds! Still, everyone’s a critic…
  • My talent lies in telling tales both new and old, and keeping them alive for fairies yet to come.
  • Perhaps one day, I will tell your stories as well, Tinker Bell!
  • Another sunny afternoon in Pixie Hollow!
  • Look how the stars twinkle tonight…
  • Spring can be a bit rainy for me…
  • I get the biggest crowds during Summer!
  • Sometimes Autumn is a good time for scary stories…
  • I like to tell heartwarming stories in Winter…
  • If I couldn’t have fairy wings, I’d love to have bird wings! Their feathers are quite graceful. (Like hint)
  • I just love seashells. If you hold one up to your ear, sometimes you can hear fairy stories being whispered… (Like hint)
  • I tried a Sour Plum once — yuck! (Dislike hint)


  • Goodness, Miss Bell! I love these — how did you know? Thank you!

Water Balloon Message[]

  • I’m a huge fan of your work, Tink!
  • I can’t believe I got one! Everyone wants it.