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Rumble is a Storm-talent sparrow man who appears in Pixie Hollow Games.  Arrogant with a fragile ego, Rumble will do anything to win - even cheat.  He also refers to himself in the third person. He hums the Pixie Hollow Games anthem in his sleep and the main antagonist of  its sequels.


Pixie Hollow Games[]

Rumble and his partner Glimmer enter the games to represent the storm-talent guild.  The pair came in second-place at the first event.  Upset, Rumble had Glimmer boost his ego, which she did reluctantly.  The team did well for the rest of the games.  When it appeared that Rosetta and Chloe were going to win the last event, Rumble cheated by using Glimmer's lightning power to zap Rosetta and Chloe's cart wheels.  However, Glimmer remained behind the finish line so that Rosetta and Chloe could finish first, making the Garden Fairies the winners.