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Rosetta's Garden Room

Rosetta's Garden is located in Cherryblossom Heights. You can usually find Rosetta, so far she only offers one quest for non-members. If you chat with her, she will tell you many different things about garden fairies and herself. Presumably, this place is not far from Buttercup Canyon, where all garden-talent fairies and sparrowmen does lives, including Rosetta.


Story Quests[]

  • Buttercup Bouqet
  • Flapping Contest
  • Loony Ladybugs
  • Lumpy Trouble
  • Misson: Fashion
  • More Fashion
  • Rosetta's Roses (All Fairies)
  • Spring-Up Perfume
  • Spring-Up Stuff
  • Staring Contest
  • Summerscent Harvest
  • Talk About Tailoring (All Fairies)

Trade Quests[]

  • Flower Petal Panic
  • Seeds for Sorting
  • Fashion Favors
  • Rosetta's Perfect Mix