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Ronan is an entryway-polishing-talent sparrowman that appears in Four Clues for Rani. In the book, he is Rani's partner in the Fairy Treasure Hunt.

Ronan is described as one of the slowest and most deliberate fairies in Pixie Hollow. He is laid back and liked by most fairies. Some even say that he polishes three times better than the other polishing talents.

Ronan has brown eyes, freckles, and curly, messy dark brown hair. He wears a yellowish-brown leaf vest, a chestnut brown and mushroom white shirt without sleeves, a green belt, chestnut pants and greenish boots.

In the books[]

At first in Four Clues for Rani, Ronan appears excruciatingly slow and irritating. But, as Rani learns, there is much to be learned from his slowness. Many times it pays to stop for a moment and think, to take your time, before rushing on to the next task. At the end of the book, Ronan and Rani end up being good friends. Ronan seems to like her, saying that she is "the bravest, most generous fairy in all of Pixie Hollow." He also says that he admires her, and feels sorry for her when she and the other water talents have to work extra hard during a drought. Ronan has a major crush on Rani and finds her pretty.