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Rhia is one of Queen Clarion's helper-talent fairies. She first appears in Vidia and the Fairy Crown and is illustrated as having fair skin and long, braided brown hair and wearing a simple blue dress and shoes.

In the books[]

Her first appearance is in Vidia and the Fairy Crown, when Queen Clarion's crown goes missing, Vidia questions her and the other helper fairies about the crown. She tells Vidia and Prilla about how she dropped it off with Aidan, to repair a dent, but, she did not know if he had brung it back or not. They all zip off to Aidan's workshop, but he has no idea what they are talking about. He explains that he had had cotton fluff in his ears, and had thought that she had only stopped by to say hello last time. They soon realize that the crown had ended up with Twire, the scrap-metal-recovery-talent.

In Prilla and the Butterfly Lie, her and some other fairies had caught the fairy pox. Poppy reported that they were all recovering quickly and doing just fine.

She appeared briefly in Queen Clarion's Secret,she is seen again briefly when Prilla went to ask the helper-talents if they knew where Queen Clarion was.