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Rani's home outside

Outside of Rani's house (Brother Dove at the right)

Rani's House (also Rani's Room) is her home in Never Land at the Home Tree.


The house is made of a "unusually large seashell that washed up on the beach of Never Land long ago." The scalloped rim works as a perch for Brother Dove, and the door is large enough for him to poke his head to look for her or her room.[1]

Mentioned furniture: shell wardrobe, driftwood bed, a nightstand, coconut bathtub, seaweed curtains, and River stones on the floor. Mentioned objects and decorations: sparkling jug full of water (also called "crystal water pitcher") and silver drinking cup (gift from Tinker Bell) beside her bed, "marble/magical pearl" that lights up the room with golden glow, basket or pockets to keep her extra leafkerchiefs, thimble fishbowl, feather from Brother Dove, keepsake shell that she received when she arrived in Pixie Hollow, oar for leaf race, starfish necklace (her favorite jewelry), and a sea book "all about the sea."[1][2]



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