Rani is a Water-talent fairy that debuted in Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg in 2005.

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Rani making sounds/music with water, seen "In the Realm of the Never Fairies"

Rani is a water-talent fairy that can do "amazing, magical things with water:" bounce it like a ball, mold it into the shape of a fish, scoop it up in her fingers without losing a drop, or even making music/sound with water. She can also help her fellow fairies with water-related things, such as getting water to boil faster. Being a water fairy, Rani cries easily because of the extra amount of water in her, and is considered by her friends as the most passionate of them all. This also influenced her passion for water, and her desire to get involved with it, loving rainy days, splashing in puddles, and swimming, even in her favorite dreams.[1] [2]

After Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, Rani had to cut her wings, and she became the only fairy in Pixie Hollow who can swim without drowning . Rani also knows how to whistle mermaid songs.


Gail Carson Levine Trilogy

Rani and her water fish

In Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg (2005), Rani is chosen as the head of the team to save Mother Dove's broken egg, along with Prilla and Vidia. In other for the dragon Kyto to fix the egg, he demanded three items: Captain Hook's double cigar holder, a golden feather from the golden hawk, and a mermaid's comb. To get the last item, Rani asked Prilla to cut off her wings so she could swim to the mermaids. Rani felt no pain because fairies wings are not sensitive, like hair. As soon as Prilla finished, Rani's wings crystallized. Reaching the dragon's Kyto lair, they realized they had lost the golden feather, so Rani gave her crystallized wings instead. From there on, Brother Dove became her assistant, and whenever she needs him, Rani whistles and Brother Dove flies to her side and carries her, and even though she misses being able to fly on her own, Rani is not entirely unhappy about losing her wings, since she had always longed to swim.

Rani and Soop

In Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand (2007), the Never Mermaids started making the water level higher until they got what they wanted in exchange for the mermaid comb (given to Kyto previously). Rani, Tinker Bell and Queen Clarion went on the quest to get the Fairy Haven's wand. In possession of the wand, Rani's first wish was to make the mermaid Soop like her, the second to have wings that could work underwater. She grew scaly fish-like wings and gave the wand to Soop, who began singing, accidentally turning Rani to turn into a Never Bat.

Rani as a Never Bat

Rani retained her fairy conscience, yet she lost control of her body, following the never bat's instinct. She flew away and behaved like a regular never bat, to her chagrin. When Beck, Prilla, and the Golden Hawk found her, they helped Rani regain control of her body. But now her bat-self was trapped in her consciousness. In the end, when Rani got the wand back, her bat conscience wanted to be free, but Rani remembered her promise with Mother Dove about the dangers of wishes. All wishes were reversed. She lost her friendship with Soop and turned back into her fairy form. Her bat-self remained, now sharing her mind as a small subtle consciousness as a logical, overly polite mind, along with her water fairy's emotional passionate personality.

In Fairies and the Quest for Never Land (2010), Rani helped finding a way to dose Kyto with water birds. Along other water-talent fairies Rani went on the quest keeping Kyto at bay. Rani cried about the other fairies that had died because of Kyto. When her bat conscience called Gwendolyn "esteemed," Rani apologized and told Gwendolyn about Rani-bat.

Tales from Pixie Hollow Collection

Rani's bubble necklace to breathe underwater

In The Trouble with Tink (2006), Rani participates in the Fairy Tag game. Later she appears teaching Prilla how to make fountains in the water. They then went to eat dinner, Prilla sat with her and made a successful fountain in her soup.

In Vidia and the Fairy Crown, Rani and Tink were preparing for Queen Clarion's arrival day bash when Vidia came up said that she would love to steal the queen's crown. Later, when the crown went missing Rani and Tinker Bell told everyone what she had said.

"Rani in the Mermaids Lagoon"

In Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon (2006), she is not allowed to work on the fountain for the Fairy Dance, because the other water fairies are afraid that Brother Dove will accidentally ruin it. When she gets arrives, she accidentally falls off of Brother Dove's back, indeed ruining everything. Deeply upset, she traveled all the way to the Mermaid Lagoon where she meets Oola Mara,and Voona. She decides to once again make friends with the mermaids. However, the mermaids abandon her several times for things that seemed more interesting, such as when they stranded her in Starfish Gap for Peter Pan. Later, she helped a sea horse who gave her a magical pearl. But when she saw his family she missed her friends, and swam back towards Pixie Hollow. Everyone was happy to see her, and she even found a way to light up the fountain with the magical pearls.

In A Masterpiece for Bess (2006), Rani saved Bess from drowning. In return she asked Bess if she would paint portraits of her and the other water-talents.

In Rani and the Three Treasures (2007), Dab a water sprite that is a cloud keeper tricked Rani into watching over her rain clouds and would not take them back. Rani then became unpopular because it started to rain non stop. In the end, Dab came back and took the clouds away, to Rani's relief.

In Dulcie's Taste of Magic (2008), Rani is seen briefly with Humidia and Silvermist. They were at Havendish Stream, cleaning it after some raccoons had gone through it.

In Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse (2008), Rani was seen at the fairy picnic playing games with the other fairies. Later, she announced a Waterball Contest where she got a bulls-eye.

In Rosetta's Daring Day (2009), Rani was watching the others playing acorn ball. Then she went with Fawn and Rosetta to put out a fire. Queen Clarion held a party in Fawn's, Rani's and Brother Dove's honor, where Rani was awarded with a medal.

Ronan and Rani in the Echo Cavern in "Four Clues for Rani"

In Four Clues for Rani (2011),a two week long drought had put all the fairies on edge. Rani was sick of being pitied by others, but didn't know how to stop it. She was excited when Queen Clarion announced a Fairy Treasure Hunt, so she had gone to the library to study but overslept. Everyone already had a partner except Ronan. Rani had no choice but to partner up with him. She had made a bet with Vidia that if she won, Vidia would be her servant and vice versa. Rani had to ride on Cousin Dove instead of Brother Dove, since he broke his wing. Rani tries to rush through clues but Ronan tells her to slow down, which proves to be good when they get to the last clue and win the treasure hunt and the bet.

Comic Series

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  • Rani is the first fairy that lost flight from wings loss/injury. Others include Lord Milori and Tinker Bell (temporarily).
  • Rani is the first fairy to have her wings removed, becoming the first to swim without drowning herself.
  • Her bat conscience has not been mentioned since Fairies and the Quest for Never Land in 2007.



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