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Rainbow creation finished

The Rainbow Tubes are a type of special containers in which rainbows are and can be stored within.[1] It is primarily used by Light-talent fairies and associated sparrowmen. They were invented by a pair of tinker-talents named Clank and Bobble in Tinker Bell (2008 film).


They brings one to Iridessa, who with the help of Silvermist, easily summoned a rainbow in the sky and used her magic to pull it inside the tube. When asked by Tinker Bell on what she was planning to do with the rainbow she'd created, Dessa answers: "I'm gonna take it to the Mainland." That night, the Minister of Spring ask a couple of light-talents to organize a pile of Rainbow Tubes at Springtime Square before the Evergreen bloomed.

At the end of the movie, and after spring preparations had been fixed by Tinker Bell and her friends, Iridessa can be seen with multiple rainbow tubes organized in piles ready to be delivered on the Mainland by her fellow light-talent fairies and sparrowmen. At the beginning, Dessa was expecting a Rainbow Tube from Clank and Bobble, and were satisfied when they brought her one.