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Neverbeast - rabbits

Rabbits as seen in The Legend of the Neverbeast

Rabbit (or bunny) is a species of animal seen in Never Land.

Known Rabbits/Bunnies[]


Fawn- an animal fairy - bunny

first rabbit from the franchises motion pictures in 2008

In Fawn: An Animal Fairy (2008), a rabbit can be seen making a "music" with other animals in which Fawn dances.

In Cheese's Great Adventure (Pixie Hollow's play) (2010), a bunny, by Cheese request, run "around and around" the wasps, making them dizzy and thus saving Rosetta's Garden.

Animal derby rabbit

from Animal Derby

In Animal Derby Pixie Hollow's mini-game (2011), a white rabbit could be ridden. In its status it had: "Speed ★★★★ Acceleration ★ Difficulty ★★★★."

In Secret of the Wings (film) (2012), a rabbit was in the Tinkers' Nook chasing a white butterfly when Fawn and Tinker Bell guided it, along more three rabbits and other animals, to cross to the Winter Woods.

In Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (film) (2014), many rabbits can be seen near fairies, animals and hoping away from a Hawk in the background. When Fawn lands on a beige rabbit it hops with her on its back and propels her upward with its paws. Later, three rabbits can be seen being taught by Fawn on how to hop, yet on of them walks in its two paws instead. When they hear the mysterious creature's strong roar they run away. Near the end, when the clouds turns green, rabbits can be seen being guided by fairies to hide.

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