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Quill is a thoughtful, neat painting fairy and a good friend of Bess, the art-talent fairy. She is an art-talent as well, only she focuses on carving and sculpting instead of painting and sketching. Unlike Bess, Quill and her room are very tidy. Quill also seems to always be there in Bess's messiest moments, even though she kindly pretends not to notice.

In the books[]

She was first seen in A Masterpiece for Bess, where she caught Bess in a lot of embarrassing situations but was kind about it. When Bess's wings got covered in currant juice she even offered to wash her wings, and when she skipped lunch Quill came and brought her some food. At the end she offered the miserable Bess a couple of butter cookies and even told Bess a story about one of her fads.

In Four Clues for Rani, she is seen gossiping about Mixie and Spinner with a friend. Later she is seen with Iris who might've been her partner for the Fairy Treasure Hunt.