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Queen Tutupia is the ruler of the Great Wanded Fairies. She, like the other Great Wandies, depends a lot on her wand. She is also the tallest out of all the Great Wanded Fairies.

In the books[]

It took Tinker Bell and Queen Clarion at least two hours to catch her, but when she saw them she thought they were just a trick played by Fufalla. She is very kind to them offering food, and a place to sleep. When, they ask for a wand she gave them one, but had to put it sleep so Soop could use it.

Tutupia seems very impetuous, dangerous and quick to judge, as well as being very emotional. She babies the fairies, calls them "cute", and chides them for poor manners (Fairies never say "thank you"), but is good enough to give them a wand, as well as a list of warnings about their use. This provides much helpful exposition to the reader as well as the fairies (wands have personalities; some are smarter than others; the wand has to be put to sleep to prevent its mischievous nature from turning wishes into disaster).