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Queen Clarion's Secret is the eighteenth chapter book in the disney fairies chapter books.



I think that it means there's a mystery. And we need to find Queen Clarion to solve it!
— Beck, after hearing that the Queen Clarion is missing

Prilla sees the queen on a windy day and follows her. Queen Clarion walks by Lily's garden, plucks something out of a rose, then vanishes. It turns out, Lily's heart seed, which Lily herself says is the sweetest, most delicious tidbit in all of Never Land, is missing. Prilla thinks that the queen took it. Then, Lily tells Prilla that she gives a Heart Seed to Mother Dove as a gift every year. Why would the Queen take that? Since Beck is Mother Dove's major caretaker, the two decide to see her.

Beck says that Clarion hadn't been to the Hawthorn Tree all day. They go back to Lily's garden to look for clues. Finally, Lily spots some footprints that just stop in mid-walk. Beck then sees that the footprints lead to an animal-talent tunnel. The three fairies jump into the tunnels, hoping to find Queen Clarion, but only see a snake with a large bulge in his belly. Since Lily said that animals love the smell of heart seeds, Prilla fears that the bulge is the queen. So Beck talks to the snake and finds out that he only ate an egg. The fairies fly out of the tunnels as quickly as possible.

Once they are out, Beck reveals that the snake also said that earlier he was asleep on a weather kite when something tipped him off of it. Whoever did it smelled delicious. Lily infers that it was the queen who smelled so tasty because of the seed. So, Prilla and her friends take their own weather kite. The wind blows them to the High Tree Forest where the look for the queen once again. Beck thinks that if Ree's kite had crashed, it would be at the top of the trees. They fly up and find Queen Clarion giving the seed to an enormous bird.

After the bird leaves, the queen explains that Mother Dove told her to give the seed to the bird, who is Mother Dove's good friend, the Sky Bird. Since Mother Dove can't take off and the Sky Bird is so big that he can't land, Ree exchanges their gifts every year.


  • Despite being named after Queen Clarion, she is barely in the story as the person Beck and Lily are searching for.