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Queen's boutique

The Queen's Boutique, inside.

The Queen's Boutique was a clothing shop located in Havendish Square , filling in where Kit's Place original location was.

It is run by Shopkeeper Erica.

Unlike the other shops in Pixie Hollow, items from the Queen's Boutique can only be purchased with Pixie Diamonds . The full outfits sold there usually range from sixty to ninety Pixie Diamonds in cost. The outfits sold are formal and showy, generally with lots of sparkles or petals.

The Queen's Boutique was also unique because only a certain amount of each outfit was available for sale each day before it was sold out. After the maximum amount of players had bought an outfit, the outfit was no longer purchasable to players of Pixie Hollow. Generally, the amount of outfits available was somewhere between 1500 and 2500.

Due to the Boutique's unique shopping system, outfits entered and exited the shop much quicker than in other Pixie Hollow stores. The shop has been restocked with new outfits as quickly as a day or so after the old ones sell out.


The portal into Queen's Boutique, located in Havendish Square.

Only two different outfits are sold at a time.