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Hello, Tinker Bell. We have not met, have we? I am Qana. I am a Snowflake fairy. Pleased to meet you. Want to hear a secret? If you have 10 snow grains, I can turn them into Snowflakes. Don’t tell anyone! Come see me if you want to change them.
— Qana[src]

Qana, also known as Icy, is a Winter fairy that debuted in Tinker Bell. Her name was first revealed in Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell DS game and later changed in Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell's Adventure.




Icy as seen in Tink's Arrival Day.

In Tinker Bell (2008), Qana appears in the first film, Tinker Bell, where she is seen sighing contently sitting next to another fairy when Terence pours pixie dust over the dandelion fluff which would later reveal Tinker Bell. She is seen brief moments later setting a snowflake atop a toadstool in hopes that Tinker Bell will be of her guild, doing so with a small shy smile. Qana is then seen again when ClankBobble and Tinker Bell fly through Winter Woods, sticking close to the Minister of Winter. She is then seen one final time leaving the Pixie Dust Well, waving to a sparrowman.

In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (film), she makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the movie in the narration.


Tinker Bell (Nintendo DS game)[]

Qana makes an appearance in the Nintendo DS game Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell, where her name is given and she is specifically described to be a Snowflake Fairy. She is given a basic personality skeleton.

Like most fairies, her role in this game is to ask Tinker Bell to complete quests such as item repairs, deliveries and fetch quests. Her specific role is to give Tinker Bell a variable number of snowflakes usually ranging from one to four when given ten snow grains, which can be found exclusively in Snowfall Grotto and Winter Woods.

She is usually found in Snowfall Grotto and Winter Woods and can sometimes be seen in Spring regions such as Flower Garden and Lilypad Pond.


Qana is a quiet, reserved snowflake fairy who lives in the mysterious Winter Woods. It can take some time for her to open up to others, but those who get to know her will discover a kind and gentle soul. She is an expert at crafting snowflakes, and if you bring her enough snow grains, she will make one for you.

Game Data[]

Likes: Snowdrop

Dislikes: Black Pearl

  • It’s a nice, chilly morning here.
  • I love how snow glistens in the afternoon sun.
  • The afternoon sunlight coming through the trees is so beautiful!
  • I always feel a little bit happier every time you stop by, Tink.
  • Warm greetings to you, tinker fairy.
  • It’s quite a serene evening, don’t you think?
  • Tinker Bell! I’m glad you’re here. The evening is a little brighter now!
  • Oh, Tink! Thank goodness — I thought you might have melted! Please don’t leave us again!

Seasonal Greetings[]

  • Hello, Tinker Bell! Everyone is talking about the Preparations for Autumn! Go to Harvest Promenade and see the Minister of Autumn.
  • I craft things out of ice and snow.
  • With your help, Miss Bell, I can collect more snow grains than ever before…
  • It’s nice and quiet in Winter Woods this afternoon.
  • Nice and chilly this afternoon…
  • I’ve been told that fast-flying fairies can use their winds to collect snow…
  • I can’t collect enough snow grains by myself. I hope you’ll help, Miss Bell.
  • There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a snow-covered forest!
  • Snow still sparkles in moonlight…
  • Spring is pretty… but I’m sad to see Winter go.
  • Summer is much too warm for me…
  • I’m glad the weather is getting colder on the Mainland…
  • This accessory you made is just flitterific, Tink! I love it!
  • Have you ever seen a Snowdrop? It’s not made of snow - it’s a plant. It’s my favorite, of course! (Like hint)
  • Black Pearls are rather scary, don’t you think? (Dislike hint)
  • Goodness, Miss Bell! I love these — how did you know? Thank you!
  • Oh, Miss Bell, you shouldn’t have. Thank you!
  • Oh, um — not quite my favorite thing, but thank you, I suppose.
Water Balloon message[]
  • You’ve got a fan for life, Tinker Bell!

Tinker Bell’s Adventure[]

Tinker bell adventure Icy

At Lookout Tower (left to right): Minister of Winter, Fawn, Icy, Baden, and Dove.

In Tinker Bell's Adventure, Qana is now named Icy. She stays in Lookout Towers beside the Minister of Winter, Baden and a light-blue Dove. She calls the player "snow flake" and asks them how they're doing. In Part 12, she thanks Rosetta for bringing her Delis' cake, and asks her to deliver blue seeds to Delis as a thank-you gift. She confesses that she is a huge fan of his cooking and cannot wait to try his new recipe.

Physical appearance[]

Qana has a light complexion, light brown eyes and white hair in a bob haircut.

She wears a sleeveless, strapless short skirt. In the original movie, she wears an alternate version of this dress, with pants and sleeves.


Qana is described as a "kind and gentle soul", despite being very quiet and reserved. She shows this in Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell (DS game) when she meets and befriends Tinker Bell.