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Prilla and the Fading Fairies is a chapter book exclusive to countries where Egmont held the distribution rights to Disney Fairies. Although various translated versions of the book were widely available in continental Europe, the English version appears to be extremely rare, having only been known to have been sold in India.[1]


The book gives an introduction on how all fairies have talents, such as animal-talents and window-washing-talents, and that Prilla can travel to the mainland to get kids to clap, which prevents fairies from dying if a kid stops believing in them. After a long day of getting boys and girls to clap, Prilla begins thinking that she doesn't fit in in Pixie Hollow, as no fairies seemed to suffer from any lack of faith.

Sitting by the river, she talks to Rani, who compliments Prilla for the good job she does. Prilla does not feel any better by that talk and flies into the forest crying, eventually meeting a hummingbird who takes contact with her and wants to play acrobatics and tag with her.

As dinner time approaches, an animal-talent fairy heads to their tearoom table with visible fatigue, with the other animal talents having no doubt that she was about to die from lack of faith.

As nighttime arrived, the fairies started looking in the forest for Prilla, with the hummingbird getting scared at the sight of them. Prilla flies after him and soothes him, with one of her shoes being let loose in a vine in the process. Hiding in a berry bush, Prilla notices it was a group of light-talent fairies and calls out to them.

With Prilla felling tears when realizing that a fairy was about to die due to her negligence, she instantly sets to work travelling to the mainland again, visiting sleeping or pajamas-wearing kids. Upon Prilla's return to the Home Tree, she is approached by Queen Clarion that Dulcie has fallen ill too, necessitating a visit to what turned out to be a multi-bed room.

With Dulcie cured, Clarion offers Prilla acorn soup, but Prilla chose to spend all night visiting the mainland instead. At sunrise, Prilla felt very sleepy and went to bed. Upon waking up, she felt embarrassed for the two fairies that almost died as she headed down to the tearoom, where she got a standing ovation from the fairies there, and was seated next to Clarion.

On Prilla's return to her bedroom, the hummingbird met up with her, with Prilla saying she can't play with him again. With Queen Clarion then visiting her to assure her that she can play, she headed out with the hummingbird and played with him again.



  • The illustrations of Prilla going to the Home Tree and seeing Dulcie, imply that it's still daytime in Pixie Hollow at that point, whereas it was nighttime on the mainland immediately before and afterwards, that the search for Prilla took place after sunset, and while Fira says that it had become pretty late.