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Prilla and the Butterfly Lie is the ninth Disney Fairies chapter book published by Random House.


Prilla tries to help fairies with other talents, like caterpillar shearing, always afraid to say "no". Even when she'd prefer to be using her own talent (flying to the mainland to visit human children so that they will always believe in fairies), she is afraid to hurt anyone's feelings.

The book features one of the few instances in the chapter books of Vidia being somewhat kind-hearted, as she reminds Prilla to stand up for herself, and not simply lie her way into helping everybody, even when she's prefer not to be.

However, she gets into trouble when she tells her friend Nettle that she actually likes butterflies better than caterpillars in order to avoid having to help Nettle shear any more caterpillars. A series of calamities befalls Prilla, which turns out to be because butterflies are notorious tricksters- they lead Prilla on a merry chase. Nettle then confesses to her that none of the other fairies like butterflies, either.

Prilla learns to stand up for herself and not try to make the other fairies like her by telling white lies.