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Prilla's Talent is the first graphic novel published by Papercutz with four full-color comics.

Prilla's Talent[]

Sometime after Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, Prilla hears a strange sound that seems very distant. Tink was going to show her around Pixie Hollow but she was busy so she asked Vidia instead. She soon gets lost from Vidia by Havendish Stream. There she hears the same sound and finds a new arrival!

Like the Wind[]

The fairies are cleaning out the kitchen so they can repaint the walls. Prilla decides to ask Vidia for help, though Vidia won't unless there's a little competion. Vidia says if Prilla can get a hawks feather she will help the fairies, Prilla tricks the hawk and takes a feather from the nest. Vidia helps only because it was a promise.

The Sound of Friendship[]

Terence tries to gather his courage to ask Tink to the Bluebell Festival. Tink is then asked to repair the friendship bell for the party, they come back for the bell but Tink forgets the chimes. Terence then helps Tink get the chimes to the bell. Tink is so happy, she kisses Terence on the cheek, and they have a wonderful time at the festival.

Best of Friends[]

Tink is getting iced out by Rani, but doesn't know why. Prilla, Dulcie, and Tink then try to find out by following her and offering cookies. Rani was really just trying to find a pearl for Tinker Bell's Arrival Day Party. They all forgive each other, and come up with something to give Prilla.