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Prilla's Prize is a storybook with pop out pictures released in 2006.

In 2010, the book gained a new edition on Disney Fairies Storybook Library among others.




"It's Great Games Day in Pixie Hollow, and all the fairies are competing. The pots-and-pans fairies are playing Ladle Croquet. The garden fairies are gearing up for the Carrot Toss. And the water fairies are racing downstream in leaf boats. Every talent has its own game, and one fairy from each will win a blue spider-silk ribbon. But Prilla is the only member of her talent, and she doesn't have a game to compete in. Determined to win a blue ribbon, Prilla decides to try her hand at all the contests. But how can a mainland-visiting clapping-talent fairy beat an animal fairy at leapfrog or outrace a group of fast-flying fairies? Will Prilla ever manage to win her prize?"