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Clap to save Mother Dove! Clap for Neverland! Clap for fairies! Clap! Clap!
— Prilla[src]

Prilla is a Clapping-talent fairy, of which she is the only one with said talent. She is also one of the Never Fairies that has The Gift. Her debut was in Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg.


Trilogy by Gail Carson Levine:

Tales from Pixie Hollow Collection:

Others (fully illustrated):


When Prilla's human (Sara Quirtle) laughed for the first time, some of her essence stuck to the laugh, making it incomplete. Because of this, Prilla seemed talentless, only later discovering her abilities:[1]

  • The Gift: she has the ability to talk in both human and fairy languages
  • Human-like mannerisms: Prilla will use human titles and address others as "Miss". She will also apologize by saying "I'm sorry" instead of using the Never Fairy expression, "I'd fly backward if I could."
  • Mainland-visiting-clapping talent: she "blinks" to the Mainland whenever a fairy is in danger of dying to encourage children who still believe in fairies to clap their hands and prevent the death.


In the Home Tree's Directory, Prilla's lives in "Room 7P, NNW Branch." "Because her talent was a mystery at first, the decoration-talent fairies did not know what to do. So she received standard-issue fairy furniture [...]" The floor is covered with a grass carpet and colorful flowers, the dressing table and chairs are decorated with pears, the bed is made from daisies and the wooden mirror has flowers motifs. Beside her bed is her favorite teapot, and her foux-mouse slippers.[2][3]


Trilogy by Gail Carson Levine

Prilla's Arrival

Fira and Terence and Prilla, in her arrival

In Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, when Prilla arrives, many of the fairies thought she was incomplete because she didn't know her talent. Tinker Bell helped show her around Pixie Hollow, while Prilla looked for a talent where ever they went. She slept through most of the hurricane, but landed on the beach later close to Mother Dove. Queen Clarion and Mother Dove selected her, Rani, and Vidia to go on the quest for the egg. She distracted Captain Hook while the others took his cigar holder, helped with the golden hawk, and had to cut off Rani's wings so they could get a mermaid comb. Her and the others then took the objects to Kyto to save the egg. When, Kyto had contaminated the egg she got clumsy children to clap to save it, discovering her talent.

In Fairies and the Quest for Never Land she helped find the tiffen boys that had set Kyto free. Close to the end she went with the other fairies to capture Kyto, so she could get children to clap for them if they needed her too. At the end she went to visit Gwendolyn and brought her gifts from the other fairies.

In Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, during the flooding of Fairy Haven, Prilla flashed back and forth to the Mainland trying to stop the flood by getting clumsy children to clap. She also wished for Sara Quirtle to be complete, it was the only wish that wasn't reversed. Later, she helped Tinker Bell and Beck find Rani-bat in a cave.

Tales from Pixie Hollow Collection

In The Trouble with Tink Prilla gives the news about Queen Clarion's bathtub to Tinker Bell. Later Rani teaches her how to make fountains with fairy dust.

In Vidia and the Fairy Crown, Prilla didn't believe that Vidia had taken the crown so she decided to help her clear her name. They first went to the Queen's chambers to question the Queen's helper fairies, then to Aidan, where they learn of the mix up. Twire is next, then Lympia after news of Twire accidentally sending the crown to the Laundry Room. Than Nora, who had mistaken it as on of the Replica crowns. Together with Dupe, they try on all the crowns until Vidia finds the real one. Vidia has them all be witnesses and clears her name. Later, she thanks Prilla in her own special way.

In Fira and the Full Moon, she is seen at the arrival of Sparkle, Helios, and Glory. She pointed out that she had seen the laugh and knew it that it was special.

In Dulcie's Taste of Magic, when Dulcie's comfort cake is revealed, Prilla is seen at the end amazed with the other fairies about how it turned out.

In Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse, she is seen at the fairy picnic, playing games with Silvermist and the other fairies.

In Four Clues for Rani, Prilla is seen when Queen Clarion announces the Fairy Treasure Hunt, asking what it is. She teamed up with Tinker Bell for the treasure hunt, neither knowing that Rani didn't have a partner yet. Later she and Tink were tricked with the rest of the fairies by the Lost Boys and Peter Pan. Prilla goes to Tink's House.

Others (fully illustrated)

In Prilla's Prize, as she is the only one in her talent, and by invitation, she tries to participate in manifold talents games. Despite failing in all of them, in the end she gains a prize from being the fairy that participated in most games.

In Prilla and the Fading Fairies, she travels repeatedly to the mainland to get children to clap, but feels unappreciated and gets distracted by playing with a hummingbird. When a fairy falls ill from lack of faith, Prilla feels ashamed by how distracted she was, returns to the mainland to increase faith, and receives a standing applause from the other fairies the next morning.



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